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Recovery by the Beach: Salt Water Therapy

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  • Recovery by the Beach: Salt Water Therapy

    Recovery by the Beach: Salt Water TherapyMany addiction treatment centers are located in natural areas especially near the ocean and for good reason. The ocean can be a healing place that calms the mind and body and helps people feel more connected to nature. Studies have shown that the salt water therapy can actually change our brain chemistry and put us in a more meditative state.

    People are intrinsically drawn to being near the water partially because we experience numerous psychological benefits simply by being near the ocean. While at the beach or near the water people experience better moods, less stress and even better concentration and memory. Scientists theorize that ocean waves produce certain frequencies that can change the pattern of our brain waves into a calmer state.

    The sound rhythms of the water can help to decrease stress hormones in the brain as we tune into the frequencies of the waves. This is one of the reasons addiction recovery by the beach can be so effective for patients who are experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety. The calm feeling that they get from the ocean can help heal them during difficult moments.

    Being in a natural environment and experiencing our natural connection to the ocean can make it easier for people with addictions to focus on their recovery. Having the tranquility and relaxation of the beach near them at all times can be an important resource during their treatment. Swimming in the ocean and floating in the water also have been proven to improve mental health dramatically and slow down brain waves.

    The ocean offers people in recovery a therapeutic environment that can benefit them physically and mentally throughout their treatment. Recovery in a natural place and especially near the ocean can be the best possible location to experience the healing patients need.