Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder

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Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder

In Mental Health April 17th, 2019 No Comments

One of the most complex and often misunderstood mental health problems is borderline personality disorder. This is a type of mental illness that is somewhere between a neurological disorder and a psychotic disorder that develops after the individual’s basic personality is formed. Personality disorder like borderline typically develops as a result of a young child…

Almost 18 Million Americans Suffer from Alcoholism

In Alcohol Addiction April 13th, 2019 No Comments

Drinking may be a part of daily life for most Americans but it is more than just a social habit. Alcohol addiction is a major issue in the U.S. and according to recent studies by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence it affects about 17.6 million Americans. This means that about 1 in…

Ask A Therapist: 10 Signs Of Social Anxiety

In Mental Health April 10th, 2019 No Comments

Many people who come to me for therapy do so not out of one or another urgent matter, but because they’re unsatisfied with how they’re living their lives. They may be feeling anxiety, sadness, or be struggling to deal with family conflict. Usually, they tell me they’re “fine, but…” Often I find that they’ve been…

Dealing with Isolation Urges

In Mental Health, Wellness April 10th, 2019 No Comments

There is nothing wrong with wanting to spend time alone and many people who identify as introverts usually feel re-energized by having lots of time to themselves. Although it can feel good to cancel plans and choose to have a night in, it is important to be able to identify when tendencies toward isolation are…

The Benefits of Outpatient Alcohol Rehab for Long-Term Recovery

In Alcohol Rehab April 10th, 2019 No Comments

Addiction experts have long considered inpatient treatment as the ideal treatment plan. Substance users spend time immersed in a alcohol recovery program, safe from the cravings and triggers they would likely have to contend with in the outside world. All their needs are taken care of and the pressures they face in their normal lives…

Top 5 Scientific Advancements in Alcoholism Research

In Alcohol Addiction, News March 30th, 2019 No Comments

In recent years there have been a lot of progressive changes in the way that we approach alcoholism and treat the illness. Research about addiction provides experts new ideas about what causes alcoholism and the best methods for helping people recover. Scientific advancements are shedding light on how we can use new techniques to reduce…

How Biofeedback Treats Addiction

In Alcohol Addiction, Drug Addiction Recovery March 28th, 2019 No Comments

There are lots of physical symptoms that a person goes through when they are struggling with an addiction and especially during alcohol recovery programs. Certain types of therapy can help address those physical changes that occur in the body when an addict is feeling stressed or going through cravings. Biofeedback therapy can be used to…

Teens are Concerned about Their Mental Health

In Mental Health March 25th, 2019 No Comments

Young people are experiencing issues with mental health at high rates with about 1 in 5 teens living with a mental health condition. It is important for teens to have an awareness of mental health issues and be able to talk about them or get help. More teens are getting involved in identifying their own…

What is the Next Best Thing in Addiction Recovery

In Alcohol Addiction, Drug Addiction, Drug Addiction Recovery March 23rd, 2019 No Comments

  One problem that many people experience when they are recovering from an addiction is the desire to find substitutes for their former habit. Once they are able to abstain from the specific drug that they are addicted to, they may subconsciously always be looking for the “next best thing” that will give them the…

Going to Treatment in Retirement

In Alcohol Rehab, Drug Rehab March 18th, 2019 No Comments

While it may seem like the younger generation is more prone to developing issues with addiction, the reality is that older adults have high rates of addiction as well especially with prescription drugs. It may seem intimidating for older adults to have to attend rehab in their retirement years but it can be crucial to…

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