Navigating Dating Apps When Sober

Using dating apps sober

Online dating can be complicated enough but for people in recovery it can be difficult to use apps like Tinder. Alcohol is everywhere on these kinds of apps as people may show photos of themselves drinking or want to start off each date with a few drinks. You may not feel comfortable enough to navigate dating apps when sober advertise that you are in fact, sober but it can be challenging to find someone who is accepting of your choice not to drink or even someone who doesn’t drink themselves.

Platforms like Tinder, Bumble, Match and others tend to operate with an underlying drinking culture. Most people on these apps are looking to get a drink with someone and it can be hard to explain that you are sober. People may automatically dismiss the possibility of going on a date with you if they know there will be no alcohol involved.

People in recovery often find their own strategies to deal with navigating dating apps. They may either decide to be selective about who they talk about sobriety with or they may be radically honest right off the bat. You can make a point of announcing you are sober in your profile and that way avoid any issues or you can choose to tell the date in person to gauge their reaction.

Either kind of strategy can work, it simply depends on your comfort level and your willingness to date someone who still drinks. Some people may feel that they only want to date others in recovery and so announcing their sobriety can narrow down their choices on the app. Others may feel more comfortable waiting to tell someone they are sober and getting to know them first.

Even though you may have to sift through more profiles than most people, it is possible to meet someone on a dating app who understands and accepts your recovery.