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    Although motherhood can be a joyful experience, the extreme life changes that people go through when they have a child can affect their mental health. In addition to common issues like postpartum depression, many women also have symptoms of anxiety as they enter the realm of motherhood. Even for people that don’t normally have issues with anxiety, being a new parent can trigger fears, worries and stress on a level that they have never felt before.

    It is natural to feel nervous and worried when you are a mother for the first time because there are plenty of situations that can cause stress with a newborn. However when anxiety becomes more extreme and it affecting your ability to be present for your child then you may need to get help. There are lots of things about parenthood that can trigger anxiety and you need to be conscious of whether your anxiety is a normal reaction to circumstances or developing into constant irrational fears.

    Motherhood means being responsible for an infant’s life including their well-being and development. Many mothers may fear whether they are doing everything right, if their baby is healthy and normal, if they are good parents and if they will be able to handle all the stress that they are suddenly faced with. Finding ways to cope with these fears and worries can make it easier to handle symptoms of anxiety.

    If motherhood anxiety starts to seem overwhelming it can be helpful to reach out for someone for support. Talk to another parent or even find a therapist who can help determine whether your anxiety will pass or if you need treatment. You shouldn’t have to experience anxiety alone as a new mother- find someone to talk to who has been through the same things you have or who can give you professional guidance.