Morning Anxiety: Do You Experience it?

Do You Experience Morning Anxiety?

People who have issues with anxiety may experience different times where they are triggered and start to feel afraid. They might be in certain situations or around specific people that make them feel anxious. Others may feel the worst symptoms of anxiety at certain points in the day such as in the morning.

Morning anxiety can be a common problem that people experience when they first wake up and their thoughts start racing. They might wake up feeling afraid or worried about what will happen during the day or they may experience a general sense of dread about getting up. anxiety tends to happen most often with people who have a generalized anxiety disorder that pervades their daily life.

Morning Anxiety Symptoms

The typical symptoms of morning anxiety include feeling restless, irritable, tired, having difficulty concentrating and thinking clearly. People may also experience a sense of panic in the morning with symptoms including difficulty breathing, a tight chest, racing heartbeat, and tense muscles. Morning panic attacks may be a sign that you have a panic disorder and may need treatment.

Morning anxiety is usually the result of increased levels of the stress hormone “cortisol” that is released in response to fear. Cortisol levels can be highest in the first waking hour for people who have a generally higher stress level in their lives. Using methods to reduce stress and create more relaxation can help prevent anxiety and promote better health in general.

Strategies like attending regular therapy, avoiding caffeine and sugar, and daily meditations can all help reduce morning anxiety. People who regularly experience anxiety, they might add meditation to their schedule to help ease some of their symptoms and prevent them from causing problems throughout the day. Finding ways to prevent and cope with anxiety can make it easier to wake up and have a healthier, less stressful day.

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