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Mental Health Resources for Musicians

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    Mental Health Resources For Musicians

    Mental Health Resources for Musicians

    The coronavirus pandemic has taken the hold of communities, industries, lives, and so much more. As the world works to get back to “normalization” and life before COVID-19, there are many people who are waiting in the grey area. Some of these people include musicians and music industry workers. Keep reading to find out more about the impact of COVID-19 on the music industry and find some mental health resources for musicians and the best rehabs.

    Mental Health Resources for Musicians: Why It Matters

    Right now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have many recommendations when it comes to groups gathering together. These include:

    • Maintain a distance of 6 feet or more apart
    • Wear a mask
    • Keep hands clean by washing them for at least 20 seconds or more
    • Limit contact with commonly touched surfaces or shared items

    While these guidelines are for the greater good to stop the spread of the virus and maintain public health, they make it impossible for crowds to gather to be able to watch a concert or live performance — and it might be a while before these guidelines are updated to allow for such events. As a result, music industry workers have been furloughed and unable to exercise their talent.

    What It Leads To

    Mental health conditions are an underlying cause for many other conditions, such as suicide and addiction. In fact, 37 percent of alcohol abusers and 53 percent of drug abusers also have at least one serious mental illness. Addiction can lead to overdose, death, and other severely negative consequences to one’s life.

    Once mental health issues are able to be treated, the likelihood for suicide and addiction drops significantly. This makes it extremely important for not only music industry workers, but for everyone facing stress through the pandemic, to find help when they need it.

    Impact of Coronavirus on Mental Health

    Statistics relating to the impact of coronavirus on mental health from a poll conducted by include:

    • 53% of adults in the United States reported that their mental health has been negatively impacted due to worry and stress over the coronavirus
    • This is significantly higher than the 32% reported in March, the first time this question was included in KFF polling
    • 36% of people reported difficulty sleeping
    • 32% of people reported difficulty eating
    • 12% reported increases in alcohol consumption or substance use
    • 12% reported worsening chronic conditions due to worry and stress over the coronavirus

    Resources for Musicians

    As the music industry waits to return to work, many individuals need mental health assistance during this time. NME, a resource for musicians, recently published a host of resources for musicians to take advantage of.

    While seeing any type of therapist and having support from loved ones is extremely important, having a space where musicians can speak to other musicians who understand what they are going through is hugely important. If you or someone you love works in the music industry and is struggling, please seek help from one of the niche music industry-related organizations.

    Some of these organizations, rehab centers, and resources include:

    About Seasons in Malibu

    As the coronavirus pandemic makes its way through the world, it is extremely important to keep your mental health a priority. Make sure you are staying active, making time for self-care, and leaning on your support system. If you do not have a support system or need one that understands you better, please reach out to us. We are here to help you at our luxury drug rehab.

    Individuals who complete our mental health treatment program are overwhelmingly happy with the results of the care they receive here. More than ninety-five percent of them say they would refer a loved one or family member seeking mental health treatment to us. We believe the fact that clients overwhelmingly recommend us is proof of the quality of treatment and compassion new clients can expect when coming to The Beach Cottage at Seasons in Malibu.

    Treatment at Seasons in Malibu is systemic, integrative and client-centered. Our philosophy is grounded in the understanding that in order for the client to heal, the entire system needs the opportunity to heal along with them. The pressure to “fix” the client can become overwhelming and unrealistic if we do not examine the underlying issues, dynamics and environmental influences that might be contributing to substance abuse or ongoing mental health issues. Whenever practical, we try to include close loved ones in sessions and in the entire process of recovering from addiction and/or addressing mental health issues.

    With our superior team of clinicians, we are able to succinctly pinpoint those areas of focus which will give the client the most advanced opportunity for success. Our approach towards healing is collaborative, comprehensive and committed.