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  • Menopausal Depression

    When women reach the age when they experience menopause, they must go through a lot of physical and hormonal changes that can affect their wellbeing. Declining estrogen levels can cause women to go through a lot of dramatic emotional changes. Along with physical symptoms such as hot flashes, many women also deal with some feelings of depression and shifting moods.

    Women going through menopause often feel irritable, experience a lack of motivation, feelings of sadness, anxiety, fatigue and difficulty concentrating. Sometimes their emotional changes can lead to symptoms of depression if they are not able to manage their moods and are having a particularly challenging time. Some women may be prone to more extreme mood swings than others during menopause especially if they had more severe PMS symptoms when they were younger.

    How to Handle Menopause?

    Depression associated with menopause is likely to be temporary as it is a symptom of their hormonal imbalance that will eventually be resolved. In order to manage depression, certain lifestyle changes can help minimize the effects of mood swings. A healthy diet and regular exercise can have a strong influence on how hormonal imbalances affect an individual.

    Techniques such as deep breathing, relaxation and meditation can all improve symptoms of depression and negative moods. Getting involved in fun activities and spending time with friends or family members can also be crucial in improving symptoms of depression during menopause. It is important not to become too isolate or withdraw from regular social activities in this time.

    If depression becomes very severe or is consistent for a long period of time then it will be helpful to attend therapy sessions and talk to a professional about what is going on. Some medication may temporarily help alleviate some of the imbalances along with counseling to manage mood changes and other issues.

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