Medication Management and Alternative Medicine

Managed care and alternative medicine

One of the misconceptions about addiction that many people have is that medications cannot be used in treatment. Although abstinence from mind-altering drugs is crucial in recovery, there are certain substances which can be helpful in providing people with more stability as they transition to a sober lifestyle. Going cold turkey can be too painful and more damaging for some people that have very severe addictions so the best option for them is medication management.

Many treatment centers offer multiple options for addicts that have more serious addictions so that they can get as much support as possible to improve their health. Medication management and alternative medicine are both useful in improving a patient’s emotional stability so that they can make it through rehab and adjust to life as a sober person. Alternative medicine can be a very effective way for people to heal from emotional or spiritual pain that may be holding them back.

With options that allow people to minimize the emotional rollercoaster of recovery being sober in treatment and in the months following can become more manageable. The more resources that patients have for improving their mental, physical and spiritual health the more successful they are likely to be. Medication management and alternative medicine are two methods for making the path to recovery more accessible to everyone.

Addiction Treatment and Medications

Some people may maintain the philosophy that employing the use of substitute medications is not allowing the patient to fully experience sobriety. The reality is that medications like methadone can be life-saving for people that have severe and even deadly addictions to opioids. With the current state of the opioid crisis, our country’s priority should be to prevent as many overdoses as possible and get people off of substance abuse as quickly as possible.

Medication management offers people the chance to quit using opioids right away while still maintaining their stability. Withdrawal can painful, uncomfortable and intense for people with very serious addictions and medication can ease them out of their abuse so that they are much less likely to relapse. Medications like methadone are not addictive and you cannot overdose on them so they work as an immediate and effective alternative.

People in recovery can also benefit from other types of medications to help them get through the initial phases of sobriety. Those that are struggling with mental health issues such as depression or anxiety can benefit from medication to keep them in a better state of mind throughout withdrawal or even for the first several months of recovery. People who are diagnosed with a mental illness along with their addiction may require long term medication as they work on minimize their symptoms.

Medication in recovery can be useful for a variety of reasons and it does not mean that the addict is “cheating” or backsliding. The most important priority in recovery is keeping patients stable until they feel confident enough to be completely abstinent from any kind of substance. Medication management can be a helpful stepping stone to eventually shifting to complete sobriety.

Alternative Medicine and Healing Addiction

The basic elements of addiction treatment are detox and psychotherapy but many treatment centers also incorporate different types of alternative therapies so that patients can heal in their own unique way. Alternative medicine is focused more on helping patients learn to manage stress and use techniques to heal that they can continue on their own.

Alternative medicine or therapy options can include a variety of different methods for treating addiction and mental health. Treatment centers may offer options like yoga, massage, meditation, acupuncture, art therapy, equine therapy and many other opportunities. Patients can try out these different methods until they find something that they connect with and helps them feel relaxed.

Personal wellness can encompasses many different aspects of health and alternative medicine gives people the chance to explore health in new ways. Yoga has been proven to have many benefits to physical and mental health combined by reducing depression, anxiety and promoting strength and flexibility. Yoga is also a type of meditation that calms the mind and improves focus in ways that can benefit patients in their everyday life.

Alternative medicine options like acupuncture and massage can be used to help relax and re-center the body when patients are stressed and tense. Acupuncture can be useful for specific ailments or a general sense of calm and better health. It can be especially helpful in reducing cravings and has been proven to help people quit many addictions including smoking.

Different types of therapy and activities can also help people explore ways to manage stress on their own after treatment. Art or music therapy can be a very cathartic way to express emotions and creating art can be a fun hobby that people might continue after they leave treatment. Drawing, writing or playing music can be a healthy way to deal with intense feelings and create something that represents your inner self.

Holistic Treatment for Addiction Recovery

In order for addiction treatment to be effective it needs to combine opportunities like medication management and alternative medicine with more traditional therapy and educational services. In treatment addicts need a variety of ways to cope with their own issues, understand their addiction and develop strategies for staying sober. Holistic treatment tends to combine many different elements so that patients get a more complete program that will be more effective for them.

Holistic treatment means addressing mental, physical and spiritual health through multiple techniques. Healing the whole person as opposed to isolated elements or specific issues can lead to better success. People with addictions often have a myriad of problems that they need to work on in addition to their substance abuse.

Incorporating medication management and alternative medicine can offer people a more complete treatment program that allows them to address every issue that they may be facing with their recovery. If you are looking for an addiction treatment program in your area find out if they offer these options for their patients in recovery.