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  • Mental Health Awareness Month: May
  • Mental Health Awareness Month: May


    Although millions of Americans suffer from mental illness, there are still many myths and stigmas associated with mental health problems that can prevent people from getting treatment.  The country now observes the month of May as Mental Health Month, in order to bring more awareness to issues surrounding mental health and to educate the public about mental illnesses. Mental Health Month is part of an effort to reach people across the U.S. with media, local events and screenings to spread the word and get everyone more involved in mental health awareness. It is important for people to be more educated about the signs and symptoms of mental illness as well as the different categories and types of mental health problems that are common among Americans. People can also benefit from learning more about the kinds of habits and behaviors that can exacerbate mental health issues such as substance abuse and other addictive patterns.

    To support Mental Health Awareness Month and get more involved, you can take steps to learn more about mental health either by attending a local event or reading from mental health resources. In order to reduce the stigma behind mental illness, everyone needs to be more informed about the causes, symptoms and treatments that are associated with common disorders like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and other issues. When you understand more about mental illness you might find it easier to recognize symptoms in other people or even in yourself. Screenings are available if you would like to know more about the state of your own mental health and find out if you need to be diagnosed by a professional.

    Mental Health Month can also be an opportunity for people to share their stories and experiences with mental illness to bring these issues out in the open. Unfortunately, many people suffering from mental health problems feel too ashamed or worried what others will think to seek the treatment they need. When more people come forward to discuss their own mental health issues, it helps to reduce the stigma and let others know that they are not alone. People can get involved by joining conversations about mental illness on social media or speaking at local events. The most important aspect of mental health awareness is letting people know that they their psychological health matters and that there is nothing wrong with taking care of themselves through therapy or treatment.