Maintaining Mental Health: College Success May Depend on it

College Success May Depend on Mental Health

Even though college can be an exciting time for many young people, there are also many students who struggle with issues of anxiety and depression that may interfere with their studies. College students are in a phase of their life when they are meeting lots of new people, being exposed to new information and ideas and having the opportunity to grow into adulthood. However, all of that change, as well as the pressures of keeping up a busy academic schedule, can take its toll on maintaining mental health. Rehab centers in Malibu can help.

Studies have shown that more college students in the U.S. are reporting that they suffer from anxiety and depression. It is important for students to have access to counseling and mental health services on campus so that they are able to use resources to help them manage stress. College is a time of great change and it can be overwhelming for people that don’t have someone to talk to about what they are going through.

Having options on campus can make it more likely for students to seek the assistance they need that will help them get through school and stay healthy. Off-campus services can be too expensive and difficult to access makes students less likely to reach out for help. Research shows that having access to on-campus maintaining mental health services can prevent students from dropping out of college.

Counselors on campus can also help students overcome the stigma behind getting help. If their school offers these services to all students then it will seem less out of the ordinary to go into the office to seek help. When college students have support from counselors it becomes easier for them to reduce their stress, avoid the need to go to a drug rehabilitation center, and manage their busy schedules so that they can continue to succeed in their studies. Learn about luxury drug rehab.