Are You Losing Motivation in Recovery?

Losing motivation in recovery

When people first enter rehab, they may have a long list of reasons why they want to quit and will feel ready to give up their lifestyle. As time passes, they might start to lose some of their motivation as they forget many of the negative aspects of their substance abuse. They could be struggling with some difficult emotional issues, stress or simply feel a sense of nostalgia about their old lifestyle.

Staying motivated in recovery can be challenging, especially when you are still adjusting to how to live sober and cope with triggers. There may be many thoughts, feelings and situations that lead to intense cravings for alcohol or drugs. Learning to deal with those cravings is a part of the process but some people may feel discouraged by the discomfort and the ups and downs of the experience.

In order to keep your motivation in recovery it is a good idea to stay connected to the reasons why you decided to quit. You might have quit to be healthier, to have a better relationship to your family, or because you went through some painful and negative consequences. Reminding yourself of these reasons can be a good way to rebuild your motivation if you have lost it.

You can also improve motivation by creating a good support system around you that encourages you to stay sober. Having a network of people that celebrate your victories and are there to keep you on track can help you maintain your desire to be sober. You should also make sure to have a structured routine in your life so that you can avoid too much chaos or empty downtime that can lead to more cravings.

Motivation can be key to a successful recovery so it is helpful to find the things that keep you motivated and stick with them as often as possible.