What is life really like at a Malibu Rehab Facility?

If you are wondering what it will be like at a Malibu rehab facility, the experience can vary greatly from location to location. The grounds at one treatment center may offer a completely different range of amenities and living spaces than those at another. However by exploring the reality that residents experience on a daily basis, you can consider whether or not the client experience is the best option for your needs. Life

At Seasons Malibu, we make every effort to consider the comfort of our clients. Our Malibu rehab facility is always maintained in pristine condition with beautiful accents and surroundings in order to provide an uplifting environment. We have made every effort to surround each individual with beautiful settings for inspiration and a sense of peace as they journey on their road to recovery.

Active Recovery Life

We understand the value of integrating recreation with our other treatment options. With time for recreation, patients can enjoy their life even while recovering and focusing on ending their addictions. Some of the experiences our residents enjoy include walks on the beach, yoga, surfing, and kayaking. We also have the opportunity for art therapy, massage, acupuncture, martial arts, outdoor activities and even cooking. We take pride in providing our residents with access to enriching activities which serve as a support to their recovery treatment.

In addition to engaging activities, we aim to ensure that our patients focus solely on their recovery efforts and so we offer maid and laundry services to facilitate this.

Scenic Environment for Year Round Care

Our calm and scenic environment offers year round care clients seeking recovery. As the premier Malibu rehab facility, we are proud to provide unsurpassed addiction treatment in the serene surroundings that enhance the healing experience.

If you or someone you love is in need of compassionate care from a Malibu Addiction Treatment Center, consider Seasons Malibu as your first selection. Contact us now at 424.235.2009