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LGBT Mental Health Support is Strong Online

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    LGBT Mental Health Support is Strong Online

    In the past, members of the LGBT community often felt alienated from mental illness recovery and weren’t able to receive the support they need. Mental health issues are very common among LGBT people who face discrimination, bullying, isolation and other problems that can lead to depression and anxiety. It is an unfortunate reality that LGBT youth are four times more likely to commit suicide and more than half of transgender individuals suffer from depression.

    Now there are more resources than ever for mental health support in the LGBT community. Many treatment centers and programs cater specifically to the community to help address the problems that they experience. Online options for support are also expanding and evolving so that people have easy access to mental health care.

    The Trevor Project, an organization dedicated to saving LGBT lives through suicide prevention, created an online support network called Trevorspace. It is a social network that offers online chat functionality and articles on a variety of mental health topics. There are also a series of videos created by people who help at-risk teens to discuss mental health issues and provide guidance and advice.

    There are plenty of websites and chat resources to help LGBT people suffering from depression or anxiety. One sight called Talkspace can connect users to therapists who specialize in specific issues. This online therapy service has embraced the LGBT community and provides therapists that understand the particular struggles that they go through.

    Although online options can be a great supplement for someone in need, it also important to see a therapist in person. Websites like GLTBnearme use GPS technology to help people find support centers and therapists that cater to the LGBT community. Using these online resources and attending regular therapy can help LGBT teens and adults feel welcome so that they can recover from mental health issues.

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