Isolation and Addiction in the Time of COVID

Isolation And Addiction In The Time Of Covid

When the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm earlier this year, millions of lives were shaken up all over the globe. Whether you are dealing with financial issues, job loss, a social shakeup, health problems, or balancing your children’s needs with your own — there is not one person who hasn’t been affected. One of the biggest side effects of following local social health guidelines and precautions includes isolation. Isolation can be devastating for people in recovery, so keep reading for our best tips on navigating isolation and symptoms of alcoholism in the time of COVID.

Tip #1 for Isolation and Addiction in the Time of COVID: Make a Plan

Local health guidelines, business ordinances, precautions, and numbers of cases change all the time — seemingly even at the drop of a hat. Uncertainty is an enemy of addiction, as people in recovery thrive largely on routine and predictability. As such, it is important to make sure you plan for what you are able to control in the midst of so much uncertainty.

A couple of ways you can make a plan to avoid isolation include:

  • Schedule your day. Routine is extremely important in recovery. Even though your daily routine has likely shaken up multiple times since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to control what you can. What time you wake up and go to bed, your work hours, scheduled phone calls, and daily goals are all things you can do no matter what is happening outside your front door.
  • Create short-term and long-term goals. Plan out some daily, weekly, and even monthly goals. Even daily goals as little as showering are important during quarantine, as they can seem less and less important the more time you spend alone. Do more things, such as cleaning that pesky junk cabinet out or getting a vegetable garden going, to stay busy around the house.
  • Find what you’re comfortable with. Another big way you can plan ahead to navigate isolation and addiction in the time of COVID is to find what you’re comfortable with. What businesses are you willing to patronize? What people are you willing to see? Be realistic so that when the opportunity presents itself, you won’t feel pressured or confused.

Tip #2: Expand Your Bubble

Something you may want to consider when it comes to isolation and addiction in the time of COVID is to expand your bubble. If you have like-minded friends or family who are all willing to follow the same quarantine guidelines and social health measures as you, it would be beneficial to your mental health to consider expanding your bubble.

Expanding your bubble can be great to be able to have small get-togethers, have your children play with each other, be able to celebrate important events, and be able to have some sense of normalcy amid all the unusual things going on in the world.

Tip #3: Practice Self-Care

No matter what the situation is, practicing self-care is one of the most important things you can do in recovery — and that is especially true while navigating isolation and addiction in the time of COVID.

As you know, one of the most important parts of maintaining a successful long-term recovery includes keeping stress levels as low as possible. This can seem especially difficult during this time, making it all the more important to keep at the forefront no matter how busy or stressful your day may be.

Whether it is running a bubble bath at the end of a long day, playing with your dog, getting in a sweaty workout, or watching a funny Amy Schumer movie on Netflix — do something every day that makes you smile and get those natural feel-good hormones moving. If you’ve had an especially hard day, make sure you hop on a virtual meeting or reach out to someone in your support network.

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