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How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost?

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  • How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost?

    Drug Rehab Cost

    How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost?

    You have made the big decision to change your life and enter drug rehab. While doing your research on what might be the perfect treatment center for you, you may be starting to wonder how much do good rehab centers cost. It can be notorious for having high fees, but is that really the truth? What goes into those high fees? Can the rehab work with insurance, payment plans, or other logistics? For more information on typical drug rehab cost, keep reading for all the factors that are behind it and why it’s the best investment in the long run.

    Drug Rehab Cost and The Cost of Addiction

    When considering the cost of good rehab centers, it is important to also take an honest look at the cost of your addiction. Other than the cost of drugs purchased throughout your addiction, there are many other hidden costs associated with it. These include:

    • Wages lost due to time off work or lost job
    • Financial hardship caused to your loved ones for compensating on your behalf
    • Items lost, broken, or sold
    • Credit card debt and lost savings meant for long-term keeping

    The more you add up all the costs of addiction, the more you will start to notice that the cost of drug rehab is a saving in the long term. In fact, for every dollar spent on drug rehab, you will get $7 back on your investment in the long term.  By thinking about it as an investment in your future, it can put the cost of rehab into better perspective.

    Inpatient vs Outpatient

    One of the biggest factors that goes into drug rehab cost is whether the treatment center is an inpatient facility or an outpatient facility. While there are many benefits to both types of drug rehabs, there are also a few different risks to consider, as well. These pros and cons include:

    • Even though the cost is considerably less with outpatient drug rehab centers, the results aren’t as successful
    • Outpatient rehabs offer an easier opportunity for the individual to relapse and give into triggers, while inpatient rehabs offer the individual the opportunity to separate from these triggers and learn how to overcome them
    • Inpatient rehabs can cost more, however, they offer the best chances for long-term results, better amenities, better detox options, individualized programs, can treat underlying conditions, have a full-time staff of both medical staff and psychiatrists, and can treat co-occurring diseases such as anxiety and depression
    • Outpatient rehab centers can be a good choice for people who have been to inpatient rehab before and are looking for relapse prevention or ongoing aftercare

    Luxury Rehab vs Standard Rehab

    Another factor that can go into drug rehab cost is whether the rehab you’re choosing is a luxury rehab facility or a standard rehab facility. Luxury rehab facilities can cost more than standard rehab facilities due to their higher standard of living, higher caliber staff, luxurious amenities, holistic offerings, and individualized treatment programs. Standard rehab facilities generally cost less, however, accommodations are not as comfortable, staff may be a rotating door, there could be little to no amenities and possibly no individualized treatment programs.

    That said, luxury rehab centers generally offer the best chances for long-term recovery. This is because the individual is more comfortable and able to destress after a long day of therapy and get to know their highly-educated counselor more personally. This allows for better treatment and, ultimately, better long-term success. Having a full-time staff of both medical staff and psychiatrists who can treat co-occurring diseases such as anxiety and depression can be essential to sustainable recovery.

    Treatment Program Offerings

    Another factor that should be considered into drug rehab cost is the treatment program offerings. Many standard rehab facilities offer cookie-cutter programs such as S.M.A.R.T. Recovery or The 12 Steps. While these could be effective for many, it is a gamble to take hoping that it works for you. Instead, many luxury rehab centers will offer a variety of treatment programs for you to try to see what will work best for you, eliminating the possibility of relapse and multiple rehab visits before finding what works for you.

    In addition, luxury rehabs offer holistic treatment options, such as art therapy or surfing, along with evidence-based therapy to treat the whole person. The individual will learn new positive coping skills and ways to deal with stress, and this can come at an extra cost at a luxury facility.

    About Seasons in Malibu

    Will drug rehab cost a lot of money? Many people get sticker shock while researching rehab facilities and their costs, however, it is important to consider the cost of addiction and what sort of factors are important for you in a treatment center. No matter what, there is no price you can put on saving your life. Addiction is a chronic, fatal condition — wouldn’t you want to get help before it’s too late, no matter what?

    At Seasons in Malibu, our treatment program is supervised by doctorate-level specialists in the field of addiction and drug dependence. This sort of attention to detail makes top rehab centers a relatively costly process that can be out of reach for many without the resources or proper insurance coverage. However, Seasons excels with three different luxury rehab options, including affordable alternatives to help clients recover in comfort while receiving compassionate, evidence-based, and holistic care under the watchful eye of our dedicated and experienced staff.

    There are a number of options when it comes to addiction treatment, ranging from no-frills hospital-based treatment, usually for detox only, to top-rated rehab centers like Seasons. Some turn to outpatient drug rehab programs in an effort to cut down on costs, but these individuals must already be fully detoxed from drugs and alcohol to qualify and are deprived of the round-the-clock care and the intensity of treatment that can speed up and prolong their recovery. This is not to mention the nutritious meals, top-of-the-line amenities, and a team of experts ready to provide assistance at any time of day.

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