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  • Holistic Rehabilitation: Promoting Therapeutic Treatment

    Addiction is a complicated disease and recovering from it requires finding a treatment program that will best serve the needs of those in recovery. There are many types of treatments available to those seeking lasting sobriety, and one highly effective and popular kind of rehab is holistic rehab, which brings a therapeutic approach to helping addicts find health and happiness.

    What is Holistic Rehab?

    Holistic rehab refers to a treatment program that helps a recovering addict achieve sobriety by helping improve the health of their body, mind, and spirit. Holistic treatments often place an emphasis on treatments that do not require medication, or use medication as sparingly as possible.

    In holistic treatment, an addict’s health is improved by addressing the mental and emotional roots of addiction. Holistic rehab is so called because it is a method that treats the addict as a whole, finding connections and ways toward health in the form of therapies that nurture them as whole people and help them find the peace and tranquility necessary to live a sober life.

    Why Is Holistic Rehab Successful?

    Many addicts find success with a holistic program because a holistic approach to recovery helps an addict work with their therapists to identify the true reasons behind their addiction and the ways in which they can cultivate health and happiness through natural and healthy means. Identifying the psychological roots of addiction can be tremendously productive because it allows addicts to work through the issues that have lead them to use and to permanently begin to find peace and solace that was once sought temporarily through drugs.

    Holistic rehab is highly effective because it has a positive impact on every aspect of a person. A healthy mind, body, and spirit are all connected and finding health in one area means improving another. As mind, body, and spirit grow stronger, so does an addict’s ability to remain drug free.

    What Types of Activities Does Holistic Rehab Include?

    Holistic rehab often uses a number of different types of therapeutic activities to cultivate healthiness and mindfulness. These activities often include things that nurture both body and spirit, such as yoga, hiking, and other therapeutic physical activities. Many holistic rehabs use traditional talk therapy as well as meditation and physical therapies like acupuncture. Holistic therapies vary quite a bit from treatment center to treatment center and are often modified to suit the needs of the addict.

    Finding Ways to Avoid Drugs For Life

    The  goal of all treatment programs is to help addicts find ways to use healthy solutions to deal with and avoid triggers that may have previously lead them to use. A big part of holistic therapy is helping addicts not only identify causes for drug use naturally but also to help them seek drug prevention methods that are natural and effective. Many treatment programs encourage the use of meditation, for example, as a means of dealing with urges to use.

    Avoiding drugs also requires preventing problems before they even arise. By promoting mental and physical health, holistic treatment programs encourage addicts to maintain happiness and balance at all times in their life. Maintaining this type of physical and mental well being can put a recovering addict at far less of a risk for using again. The more happy and healthy an addict is from day to day, the more likely it is that they will be able to resist triggers and stay happy, healthy, and sober. In this way, identifying the roots of addiction can have a permanent and profound impact on an addict’s health. Holistic therapy can truly be a lifesaver for many people struggling with addiction.