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Holistic Addiction Treatment

Holistic Addiction Treatment

A holistic approach to addiction treatment

There is no single path for addiction recovery people can respond to different types of treatment methods that give them what they need to heal. It is important for addiction recovery to focus not only on the body but also the mind and spirit. Addiction treatment programs that offer holistic options are providing their patients with multiple ways to find the type of therapy that works for them.

If addiction recovery is too straight forward or only focused on one aspect of a person’s health, then it may be less effective and cause the person to struggle with relapse. People who deal with addictions have complicated issues and need to have more than just one way to treat their disease. Patients generally feel more satisfied and at peace after treatment when they have holistic therapies that they can take advantage of during their stay.

During treatment people need to learn how feel comfortable and enjoy life while sober. Holistic treatments can give them a way to relax and adjust to their new lifestyle or even find something that keeps them centered in their daily life. They might continue receiving these kinds of therapies later on after they complete their program.

What is Holistic Treatment?

The concept behind holistic addiction treatment is that you are treating a person’s overall well-being rather than just one aspect of their health. Holistic treatment means treating the whole person instead of just addressing specific symptoms that are related to their disease. Making sure a person is healthy in all aspects of their life is the best way to help them maintain permanent sobriety.

Holistic treatment can include a number of different supplementary therapies that are designed to help the patient feel more relaxed and healthy or get them in touch with their spiritual self. Treatment centers can offer a variety of different holistic therapies depending on what they have available to patients. These are some of the more common holistic treatments available for addiction patients-

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Acupuncture
  • Guided meditation
  • Massage therapy
  • Exercise and nutrition programs
  • Art therapy
  • Reiki or energy work
  • Herbal medicines
  • Hypnosis

Every treatment center has their own combination of different holistic therapies and some may only offer a few. Patients at the addiction rehab center can incorporate these therapies into their treatment so that it becomes a part of their regular schedule and one of the steps in their recovery process. They can try different options and find one that they feel truly helps them feel better.

The Benefits of Holistic Therapy

Not all recovery programs offer holistic treatment, but more treatment centers are getting on board with these types of therapies because patients experience more success with them. The reason that holistic treatments can be helpful is that patients have many different types of ailments as a result of their chronic substance abuse. They may need extra support and healing to recover in a way that traditional treatment approaches may not be able to provide.

Holistic treatments can be useful in helping patients deal with physical symptoms of addiction and withdrawal. Therapies like acupuncture have been proven helpful in curbing cravings for many kinds of addictions. Acupuncture also helps restore balance to the body and minimizes aches, pains or issues with insomnia.

Different kinds of alternative treatments can also help to restore emotional balance to former addicts that are struggling to feel stable in their moods. Therapies like meditation can be very useful in helping people learn to stabilize their emotions and thoughts so that they repair any imbalances. Developing a regular meditation routine can also be a great spiritual practice that allows patients to feel more in touch with their spiritual side.

Holistic treatment can also incorporate important things like nutritional therapy and exercise which can have a huge impact on physical and mental health. Many addicts tend to neglect habits like eating right, getting enough sleep and getting regular exercise. Learning about nutrition and eating healthier foods can help improve the patient’s neurochemical balance so that they feel happier and more at ease.

Therapies like acupuncture, massage and reiki can help patients get rid of toxins in their body or negative energy and blockages that are causing them to feel bad. They can help improve mental clarity and relaxation which is useful in keeping patients motivated and focused on their sobriety goals. Overall, holistic treatments can allow patients to feel better in ways that mental health treatment alone may not be able to do adequately.

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The Benefits Of Sobriety

Holistic Drug Rehab

You may have asked yourself what exactly holistic recovery treatment is and why it is successful. There are many different ways of treating addiction; holistic rehab places an emphasis less on medication and more on the improvement of health and sobriety through the body, mind, and spirit. An addict’s health is improved by addressing the mental and emotional roots of addiction by finding connections and positive ways toward health in the form of therapies that nurture them as whole.

Holistic treatment therapies can include a variety of therapeutic activities: acupuncture therapy, art therapy, creative writing, meditation, yoga, surfing, hiking, swimming, equine therapy, music therapy, nutrition therapy, massage therapy, hypnotherapy, etc. These types of therapies aim to build and nurture the mind, body and soul connection, and as mind, body, and spirit grow stronger, so does an addict’s ability to remain drug free.

Getting the most out of recovery means trying new things and finding new ways to heal. Recovery can give you a chance to try different types of self-care that can ultimately be life-changing. If you are looking into a best rehab center, speak to us 424.235.2009 to know various treatments options available at Seasons in Malibu.