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  • Treatment Centers in Malibu: Graduating From Them
  • Treatment Centers in Malibu: Graduating From Them

    So you’ve gone to one of the treatment centers in Malibu to get help for a problem. You’ve stuck it out through the rigid detoxification program. You’ve attended counseling session after counseling session. You’ve even gotten your family to attend a few counseling sessions.

    Time seems to have flown by and you now find yourself close to discharge. The good news is that you’re all clean and you’ve never felt better. The bad news is that you’re terrified about what will happen next.

    The truth is, many people hardly think about life after completing treatment at Seasons in Malibu. If they do, it’s often thought of as if it were in the distant future and therefore they fail to plan for the day they leave treatment. Fortunately, treatment centers in Malibu will usually have you covered.

    Getting Ready for Home

    One important principle of treatment centers in Malibu and especially at Season in Malibu, is that care does not end when a person has gotten better and gone back to their ‘normal’ life. In fact, care extends to far more than that. Care can also mean taking measures to ensure that relapse does not happen.

    Often, this means planning out your reintegration into the “real world,” building a plan and a support system that nurtures you and helps you grow. As you get closer to discharge, therapists and staff will help guide you into painting a clearer picture of life after treatment.

    Behavior Therapy

    Prior to discharge, treatment centers in Malibu are likely to teach you techniques to avoid relapse. You could say that these techniques are almost like meditation. They give you an acute awareness of your thought processes and patterns, helping you determine if you’re falling back into old habits and damaging behavior.

    While behavior therapy is obviously not a one-shot deal, your skills in managing yourself will improve over time. It’s important to be patient with yourself and to maintain a certain consistency in sticking to the therapy.

    Staying Involved

    One of the beautiful aspects of treatment centers in Malibu is that they encourage you to stay involved in the community you’ve become part of. Frequent follow-ups ensure that you’ve got someone backing you up in case you falter. Seasons in Malibu prides itself on always being there for patients to provide support after discharge.