Going to Rehab with Your Partner

Going Rehab with a Partner

Addiction can take its tolls on romantic relationships and often marriages fall apart when one person or both are struggling with substance abuse. However, rehab with your partner can be a great growing experience that can shape a relationship for the better. There are even plenty of couples rehab programs catered specifically toward rehab with partners that want to attend a treatment center together.

Rehabilitating Relationships: Couples Recovery Programs

Couples that both abuse drugs and alcohol often have intense fights and deal with a growing distance from each other due to their addictions. Going to rehab with your partner together can help them confront these issues as they both work on achieving a state of sobriety. Couples centers can provide specialized care for both married couples and unmarried couples that live together so that they can work through their problems.

Going to rehab with your partner can be beneficial because it provides a way for you not only to break the cycle of addiction but also to examine issues in the relationship that could have caused or perpetuated the substance abuse. Couples that are both addicted to drugs or alcohol often have issues with boundaries, expressing feelings, handling finances and making decisions together. Resolving these problems in rehab can help stabilize the relationship and reduce the risk of relapse after treatment has been completed.

Whether you decide to attend a general rehab center together or a couples rehab with your partner, you will have the opportunity to talk with a therapist about the aspects of your relationship that need to be improved in order to stay sober. Rehab can be an uplifting and positive experience for couples as long as they are both committed to making permanent changes and giving up the lifestyle of addiction. Make sure to find a family or couples therapist in your rehab center that will address your relationship issues throughout the duration of the treatment program.