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Addiction Rehabilitation: Five Things to Know

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  • Addiction Rehabilitation: Five Things to Know

    Acknowledging the problem and realizing you need help is the first step towards recovery from addiction. This can be quite scary, especially if you don’t know where to begin. To give you a head start, we have a few answers to some basic questions about our Addiction Rehabilitation.

    What is Addiction Rehabilitation?

    Addiction rehabilitation facilities or rehabs are systemic treatment facilities with programs created to help people struggling with addiction start the road to recovery. The programs are meant to guide an individual towards a happy, healthy and addiction-free life.

    What happens during addiction rehab?

    Three things are done during our Malibu rehab program:

    1.) Detoxification – This is the first part of many addiction rehabs, where toxic influences of drugs and alcohol are eliminated from the body. Most experts agree people who drink alcohol or use drugs for a long time experience withdrawal symptoms during detox. But the typical physical manifestations of detox can be handled through proper and consistent medical attention.

    2.) Rehabilitation – Group and individual therapy sessions are typically started directly following detox in order to help patients identify and address the root causes of their addiction. Substance refusal skills are also taught to avoid relapse.

    3.) Aftercare – Once the rehabilitation program is done, you can take advantage of various aftercare services such as support groups and additional therapy sessions. Aftercare is an important step in staying connected to the recovery community.

    How long does Addiction Rehabilitation take?

    Typically there are 30, 60 and 90 day options available for treatment. Although some opt for 30-day programs, a lot of individuals decide to continue rehabilitation for a longer time to maximize their treatment and develop a more stable path towards full recovery.

    Will my addiction get cured if I choose to undergo rehab?

    Addiction is not something that can be “cured.” Rehabilitation is specifically designed to offer the opportunity to break the cycle of addiction and start the road to recovery. Recovery does not end after you finish a rehabilitation program. Recovery from substance addiction and abuse is a continuous, lifelong process that you must be willing to participate in.

    What happens if I relapse?  

    It takes more than one stay in rehab for a person to be fully capable of establishing himself towards recovery. According to the Addiction Recovery Guide, the percentage of people falling into relapse after undergoing initial treatment ranges from 50-90 percent. A relapse doesn’t have to be part of your story, but in the event that it does happen, one must take it as an opportunity to re-evaluate their situation and understand more about yourself.

    By educating yourself with the right information you will feel more confident in taking the necessary steps to get the best treatment for your addiction problem. Do not hesitate to ask questions you may have about our rehab process. After all, this is a journey towards a better you.