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    A 2015 survey by SAMHSA (The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) suggests that only about 11.6% of the people with a drug or alcohol addiction problem actually get the treatment they need. This dismal number speaks to what an intense lifestyle change and commitment is required by recovery, but it also reveals that we have a responsibility to do whatever possible to remove barriers that keep people from treatment. If you are ready and willing to commit to doing the work of changing your life, Seasons Malibu is committed to doing whatever it takes to help you get whatever care you need.

    If you are a leader in a business, you don’t have to let the busyness of life or concerns about your career get in the way of your need for recovery. Through its Executive Rehab program, the staff at Seasons will demonstrate flexibility and find a way to meet all of your needs.  Here are some of the ways Seasons can fit into the important characteristics of an Executive Rehab program.



    Not everyone has to know about your treatment. If an employer, colleague, or client would react poorly or judgmentally to your treatment, you are in control of what you tell them.   Everything you tell the dedicated, experienced staff will stay with them. You will be given total control over what information you choose to share with the outside world. Everything that happens at Seasons Malibu will be protected. 


    Contact With Others:

    Many people are unable to put their lives totally on hold for a recovery program. Seasons will not expect you to be cut off from everything else in your life. In fact, continuing to face the challenges of everyday  life and work is considered an important part of building the skills needed for long-term recovery.  You will have the option to continue to be in contact with people so that your work can continue, even as you receive treatment. Laptops and cellphones are welcome, and their use is allowed after 3-5 days of stabilization, as long as you are not in a session. The entire center is equipped with reliable Wi-fi, and printers and fax machines are available if needed.


    High Quality Treatment:

    Seasons believes very strongly in not cutting any corners or taking any shortcuts in helping you get the best care possible. All aspects of the experience are designed to make you as comfortable as possible, give you the best treatment we can, and contribute to your health and thriving in all areas, including family relationships, recreation, physical activity, nutritious gourmet meals, and top-quality therapeutic treatment.


    Personalized Treatment:

    Effective addiction treatment is not “one size fits all,” because everyone is different, and will respond to treatment differently. Seasons recognizes that you are a unique individual, and has a variety of different treatment options available to you, so you can try different things out and see what works for you. A wide variety of multi-dimensional, evidence-based treatments can be explored with the help of a 30-person team dedicated to nothing but figuring out the best way forward for your recovery.