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    Effective Addiction Treatment

    I believe that our most effective resources and programs here, things that really stand out for the patients, are: number one, the art therapy program. Whether you’re artistically inclined or not, we find that art gets you in touch with that joyful infant we all once were, and you’re able to explore your own creativity, which naturally leads to healing. I’ve rarely seen that fail. Effective Addiction Treatment

    I personally offer hypnosis, which is another great tool that is a natural, simple way for getting in touch with the subconscious patterns that we are endeavoring to change here, so we bring them into our conscious awareness to make healthier choices.

    Between the other wonderful programs there is the free time. The residents get to choose what they do in their free time at a Malibu recovery center. We have all sorts of programs where they get to go out in the community. They do fun things. They do miniature golf. They work out. They play tennis. They go surfing. They have all sorts of recreational activities, which, of course, are naturally healing. We have them sometimes go to the zoo to explore all other facets of nature, which is naturally healing for all of us. Effective Addiction Treatment

    The one-on-one therapy is also critical for healing, as is the family therapy. We all believe in a family systemic method here, so exploring all of that in conjunction with all of these other activities and programs is imperative. Every person’s package is different, shall we say, and they sort of self-design theirs, if you will, which leads to their path of healing. Effective Addiction Treatment