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  • How to prevent your child or loved one from taking drugs?
  • How to prevent your child or loved one from taking drugs?

    Every day that goes by, there are millions of Americans that are suffering from the stranglehold of addiction. There are many ways to deal with addiction, but when the time is right it is important to address the situation at hand by being completely honest about the realities of where addiction have brought you.

    This is where the support from a treatment center will come into play. The love and support of family and friends is a great addition, but treatment helps the client focus on triggers, reasons for using, and ways to deal with addiction in a healthy manner.

    There are a few things that feel worse in the world than finding out your child has started to experiment with drugs. Fear about the realities of addiction is a natural emotion to have, but it does not mean that you have to continue living in fear. So if you suspect that your child is doing drugs, it might be a good idea to do a little research on the subject of how to identify addiction.

    According to Rehab International, there are four ways to help you identify addiction:


    Be on the lookout for any changes in your child’s behavior. Does he seem irritable all the time? What about his appearance? Does he show signs of lack of sleep?


    How many times does your child act out? Do you have drugs or alcohol in the house? Has the supply dwindled over the last few weeks? Take measures to hide them from your child.

    Search for Drugs:

    While some parents might not like the idea of pawing through their children’s things for drugs, it’s one way effective way to check if your kids are abusing drugs.

    Family Help:

    Chances are you won’t be the only one who has noticed the effects of the drugs or changes in your child’s behavior. You can ask around the family to keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior. If your hunch turns out right, then you’ll need all the help you can get in order to help address and stop the drug abuse.

    Prevention Tips:

    There are many ways to prevent drug abuse from ever happening. Here’s how:

    Know who your kids are hanging around. Peer pressure can be a strong motivator among teens. But there’s a difference between kids who go to a whole lot of trouble to look like a bad lot, and being one for real. So make sure your kids are running with the right crowd.

    Be a parent. While being friends with your kids is great, remember that they need someone to guide and discipline them. Don’t lose sight of that in your attempt to be your child’s best friend.

    Set clear rules. Your kids must know that you won’t allow alcohol or drugs at home. Make sure they understand how wrong it is to drink and drive. Statistical data shows that teenagers have the highest chances of being involved in an alcohol-related crash.

    So keep your teen safe on the road by putting down the law. The first sign of drug abuse, find your child the right help.

    But it is very important for you to know the right time for your child for rehabilitation treatment. Many individuals who are addicted to alcohol drugs do not truly believe that they have a problem. There are also some addicts who believe that they do not require any help be it from therapy, friends, or family. If you have a friend or a family member who is suffering from addiction, now would be the perfect time to discuss the possibility of a stay at an addiction center. There are some signs that you will need to watch out for.

    Former Treatment or Care

    There are a number of addicts who get help on an outpatient basis but end up going to back to their old habits of drinking or doing drugs. Sometimes outpatient care is not enough, especially for addicts with a severe problem. If someone that you know has been received outpatient care in the past, chances are it will not work for them. It is time to start searching for a Malibu addiction center that can help them on a long-term basis.

    No Motivation

    Addicts typically have no motivation to do accomplish their daily tasks because of their obsession with their drug of choice. These are the types of individuals who enter treatment centers and have very little motivation to follow through with the program. The reason addicts seek out outpatient treatment programs is because there is no long-term commitment involved.

    Mental Disturbances

    Addicts become addicts for a very specific reason. This is typically because they already have an underlying mental issue that causes them to become addicted. These types of individuals require long-term treatment and will not benefit from short-term outpatient programs. Someone with a mental illness has a very difficult time admitting or realizing that they have a real problem. Anyone who has this type of mentality needs inpatient care and a treatment plan based around their specific needs. Even though they may not be able to admit that they have a problem, it is important that they seek care immediately.

    The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that 23.5 million people in the U.S. need treatment for an addiction to drugs or alcohol addiction. There are a lot of resources available to you as you begin the journey of entering recovery, to the point that it can sometimes get overwhelming. Unfortunately, there are some unethical or untrained people who may attempt to take advantage of addicts or their families, offering very little care that is actually helpful.  Your alcohol dependency problems won’t end with a rehab program. But it’s one way for you to get your recovery started. If you’re ready to take this step, here are a few tips from CBS Local on how to help you find the rehab facility that will give you the best chance at recovery.

    Finding the Best Fit

    One of the first things after compiling a list of different facilities in that would be a good fit would be to see if they are licensed and what insurance they accept. Some rehabs will be more expensive than others will – generally, the privately owned and operated ones are going to be pricier. Do not shy away from a treatment center because you are concerned about money – many offer amazing repayment options because they really just want you and your family to be healthy.

    Inpatient or Outpatient Services

    The next thing is to look out the inpatient and outpatient services that they offer. Some people will greatly benefit from the inpatient programs that a treatment center can offer while an outpatient program may be more conducive to other individual’s lifestyles.

    There is not one specific approach to recovery that is considered better than another, you just want to look for the Malibu rehab that makes you and your loved ones feel comfortable in their beliefs and style in which they handle this disease. You will easily be able to discern the Malibu rehab facilities that have a higher success rate in comparison to others in the area, it is never wrong to go with your gut instinct either.

    Do Your Due Diligence:

    Make sure you take in all the available information about the facility. It is important to understand the treatment approaches in order to get the type of help you are looking for. Also, check up on the credentials of the staff not limiting your research to the medical staff alone. A good rehab facility will have a team of qualified staff, from their attendants to their doctors. If you’re going to put yourself in the care of any institution, you need to know they’ve got the training and skills to help you.

    Inquire about the Treatment Types:

    When looking at the treatment types, it might help to ask about what medication you’ll be given. This is particularly important when you are looking to combat the withdrawal symptoms you’ll have if you are looking to go through detox. What are the accommodations offered, and what kind of after-care is offered? Understanding the treatment ultimately helps you make a more informed decision about what is right for you.


    When you finally find the right rehab center, get your favorite books and clothes you’re comfortable with. You might not have access to a computer or the Internet, so an old-fashioned journal might be the ideal choice. Most treatment centers have a list of approved items; make sure you reference this before you pack.

    Emotional Preparation:

    Addiction and substance abuse is often a solution to deep emotional and psychological damage. In order to break the cycle of addiction, you will need to be prepared to open up and get honest about why you are there. This changes the equation and helps build the willingness to change your life.

    Setting Attainable Goals:

    One of the best ways to motivate you through the program is thinking about how you might act differently when given the chance. By setting goals, you can help yourself stay on track. Whether you want to go back to school, start a business or look for a new job, these goals can provide you with the boost you need to get better.

    An Escape:

    Addiction is fueled by triggers, which may be stressful experiences, an environment where you are surrounded by substance abuse, or other factors that sustain a habit of substance abuse.  Breaking these triggers means that you must spend some time apart from them, where you can relax and reflect on how to cope in different ways. In the rough beginning stages, it helps to be totally alone in a relaxing setting, so that you are free to think about nothing but your sobriety.

    Accepts Insurance:

    A responsible rehab center should be able to work with your insurance plan, to make this important experience as affordable as possible. The Affordable Care Act insists that all insurance plans have options for addiction rehabilitation, so make sure the center you choose will accept your plan.

    Medical Detox:

    After you stop using a substance that you have been for a very long time, your body may experience side effects of withdrawal.  Going “cold turkey” off a substance your body has developed a dependence for can often cause very unpleasant sickness, and can in some cases even be dangerous.  Licensed medical detox can help to make this process safe and as comfortable as possible, by monitoring your reaction and giving you the medical care you need. This is a very helpful part of initial recovery.

    Many Options:

    Every person is a unique individual, and so not every recovery is going to be the same. Different people may respond to different treatment in different ways.  A good rehab center will recognize this, be flexible, and have many different kinds of resources to help you find out the treatment approach that works for you. Group therapy, traditional psychotherapy, meditation, athletics or time spent in nature, or art and music therapy are just a few of the possible tools that have helped other people on their recovery journey, so you should be in a place where you are free to try out different things and see what works for you.

    Man is Running

    Covers All Aspects Of Well being:

    Being a truly healthy human is more than having a working body free of substance abuse. In addition to physical health, recovery should work on your emotions, mental health, relationships, lifestyle skills, and spirituality.  A responsible rehab center should have options to work on physical fitness, family relationships, life management, mental health, and whatever else your needs are.

    Transitional Services and Aftercare:

    Although at one point your time residing in the rehab center will come to a close, your time in recovery is just beginning. Going back into “normal life” is fraught with many challenges, and many people experience the temptation to fall back on old habits.  A good rehab center should give you resources to prepare for that moment, and help you find programs and connections to help you continue to strengthen your recovery.


    There are a number of reasons why people become addicts. Every single person is different and requires a different type of treatment. There is no way to know for sure until the addict pursues the treatment. If someone you love shows these signs of addiction, it crucial that they seek help as soon as possible if not immediately. It could become a life or death situation. Addiction can demolish lives and entire families. If you or a loved one is struggling from addiction – never feel like there is no help available. Many people are surprised at how the Malibu rehab facilities are willing to go above and beyond to ensure that they help you down the path to recovery. Malibu is home to some of the most renowned rehabilitation facilities in the world. They have been helping millions of people understand what addiction is, why they are falling under its control and how to regain self-control to live a healthy lifestyle. For treatment programs in Malibu, contact us at Seasons in Malibu.