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Distorted Self-Image

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    Certain psychological issues can lead to someone experiencing serious issues with self-esteem that can affect them in their daily life. When someone has a distorted self-image they may see themselves in a negative light at all times. Their own image of themselves can often be completely different from reality because their mind distorts their views in ways they cannot control.

    A distorted self-image can often be related to appearance but it can also have to do with a person’s own perception of their value, intelligence or talents. When a person has a distorted self-image they find it impossible to see themselves the way that others see them. Those with a negative self-image can find a way to filter anything out that challenges their own harsh opinion of themselves.

    In individuals that suffer from eating disorders like anorexia, distorted self-image can come in the form of body dysmorphia. Someone with this problem will see themselves as “fat” or much larger than they are in reality. In spite of continual weight loss and even being underweight in many cases, someone with body dysmorphia will always see a fat person in the mirror.

    Someone with a distorted self-image can find ways to reinforce their own beliefs and see clues everywhere that support and confirm their false self-image. Whether those feelings are about some aspect of their appearance or their abilities they will always focus on their own imperfections and disregard the positive things that other people see. Their distorted beliefs can become stronger and more problematic over time if they don’t seek help.

    Psychotherapy can be very helpful for people struggling with a distorted self-image, especially if it is connected to a specific mental illnes. A therapist can find ways to challenge a person’s negative beliefs and help them see themselves in a more positive light.