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Dealing with Isolation Urges

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  • Dealing with Isolation Urges

    Depressed Young Men

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to spend time alone and many people who identify as introverts usually feel re-energized by having lots of time to themselves. Although it can feel good to cancel plans and choose to have a night in, it is important to be able to identify when tendencies toward isolation urges are becoming a problem. In many cases, the urge to isolate yourself can be a symptom of mental illness that prevents you from having healthy social interactions.

    How to Tackle Isolation

    When being alone is no longer a way to relax but becomes a method of coping with feelings of anxiety, self-doubt, depression and loneliness then it is an issue of mental health. In order to make sure that you are getting a healthy balance of social interaction and alone time as well you might need to give yourself an idea of how many outings you can handle a month. This will help ensure that you aren’t avoiding your social life completely but also not spreading yourself too thin.

    In addition to a few social outings, make sure you also create time to talk to close friends that you trust. You can call or spend some one on one time with someone who understands your introverted nature or is aware of your mental health struggles. Talking with them about what you are going through can help ease stress and anxiety.

    If you have trouble with your isolation urges it can be a good idea to join a club or volunteer groups so that you are involved in regular social activity. These typically only meet periodically so it won’t be too overwhelming and can keep you from spending too much time alone. If you are concerned about your isolation urges or are dealing with serious anxiety and depression then contact a mental health professional for assistance.