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  • Why Your Choice Of Malibu Drug Treatment Matters
  • Why Your Choice Of Malibu Drug Treatment Matters

    There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a Malibu drug treatment program. At Seasons In Malibu, we often hear our clients talk about how they appreciate the differences in our program from others they have attended in the past.

    These differences we believe, and research shows, are the difference between a program which is highly effective and one which simply is fulfilling requirements. To understand why the choice of the program makes a difference, let’s look at three very specific factors in participating in a residential drug or alcohol recovery program.

    Staying in the Program

    We provide our clients with beautiful, luxurious, world-class surroundings. Not only can you enjoy some of the most amazing natural scenery right on our three acre grounds, but you can also swim in the pool, surf as part of your program, or enjoy yoga on the beach to get your day started.

    Our chefs are Cordon Bleu trained, and we provide a range of different activities you can enjoy. When you love where you are it is much easier to relax and rejuvenate in a way that is just not possible in a clinical setting or in a facility where you don’t feel welcome and truly valued.

    Exceptional Staff

    We are fully CARF (Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) accredited and have won international recognition through our groundbreaking recovery and treatment programs.

    Our staff is the pivotal element in our programs, working with compassion, caring and extensive experience in providing support and caring for individuals in addiction recovery. We are also a dual diagnosis treatment center, allowing us to address the concurrent mental health issues impacting the addiction.

    Exploring Options and Opportunities

    Besides amazing our amazing facilities, campus and setting and our incredible staff, we also provide our clients with new opportunities to grow at a personal level and to learn more about themselves.

    We provide a holistic approach to treatment, and our clients are encouraged to participate in group activities as well as individual counseling sessions on a one on one basis. We will develop a treatment plan unique to your needs, and you will set goals and explore new ways to learn to value yourself and the positive changes you are making in life.

    When we are asked if the program for Malibu drug treatment really makes a difference, our answer is always yes. And with 95% of our clients reporting they would recommend us to a friend, we know they do too.