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What It’s Like to Have a Breathalyzer in Your Car

What It’s Like to Have a Breathalyzer in Your Car

A woman uses a breathalyzer in her car

Anyone who ends up with a DUI conviction may have to undergo certain obstacles in order to be able to drive again. They may need to go to mandatory AA meetings, pay fines and in some cases install a car breathalyzer in their vehicle. A breathalyzer or ignition interlock is meant to ensure that they will never drive under the influence again.

How Breathalyzer Works?

An ignition interlock is a device that connects to your vehicle and requires the driver to blow into a mouthpiece before you are able to start the car. The breathalyzer measures your blood alcohol level which is preset to a certain number based on the BAC determined by the state you live in. If your breath shows that you are over the preset limit then you will not be able to start your vehicle.
A breathalyzer installed in your car can cause delays in driving at times as it will require you to take an extra step before your start your car. At certain times the ignition interlock may require a “rolling retest” meaning you will have to test your breathe again even though you have already started the car. This is designed to prevent drivers from having a sober friend blow into the mouthpiece so that they can drive home.
If you fail the initial breathalyzer test because your alcohol level is too high then your vehicle will lock the ignition for a period of between 5 and 30 minutes. Once the vehicle is unlocked you can take the test again but if you fail it a second time it may lock for an even longer period of time. If you fail the rolling retest the car will sound it’s alarm until you pull over and turn off the engine.
A vehicle breathalyzer may be an inconvenience but in some cases it is a necessity in order to prevent drunk driving. If you often drink and drive you should consider looking for the best rehab centers in us.