Break Free At The Malibu Addiction Center

Having an addiction to a drug or alcohol can be very frightening, embarrassing, and frustrating. You want to stop, because you know all the bad effects your addiction is having on your mind, body, life, and relationships with those around you, but it is nearly impossible to quit and recover successfully on your own, without the help of professionals such as the caring, expert staff at the Malibu addiction center. Addiction to drugs or alcohol is very deeply ingrained in the brain, and the entire body has adjusted itself to work around the brain’s abnormal behavior. Break Free

Addiction To Drugs

It is so easy to try drugs, thinking it will be simple to just stop. For several people who have never had experience with drug addiction, it may seem like drug addicts have no self-control because they cannot stop taking drugs on their own. This is just not true, however. Drug addiction is like a brain disease, and just like any other type of rain disease, it needs to be treated and cured as soon as possible to prevent it from getting worse. When people take drugs, over a period of time, the chemicals present in the drugs begins to affect the rain and its production of hormones.

Drugs like heroin or marijuana are very similar to the natural neurotransmitters produced by the brain. Because these drugs are so much like neurotransmitters, the brain receptors and nerve endings treat them as such and as a result, receive and react to unusual signals and messages. Another type of drug, which includes cocaine, cause the brain to produce abnormally large amounts of dopamine, a “feel-good” hormone that usually only occurs in smaller amounts when the person is eating delicious food, interacting with loved ones, or performing other natural, pleasing activities. The person becomes addicted to this high, pleasurable feeling and the brain and body suffer consequences from having to adjust to large amounts of dopamine. Break Free

Addiction To Alcohol

Consistent heavy use of alcohol has a similar effect on the body that cocaine and other drugs have. It makes the drinker feel good about themselves and the way they are acting. However, alcohol affects the entire body and excessive consumption of it causes numerous health problems, as does frequent intoxication. Alcohol also causes the drinker to lose control over their body and actions, causing several dangers to themselves and those around them.

The Malibu Addiction Center Break Free

If you or someone you know has a drug or alcohol addiction, Seasons in Malibu is there to help you, take your call, and answer all your questions.