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Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Bonding In Sobriety

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  • Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Bonding In Sobriety
  • Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Bonding In Sobriety

    The American Hustle star has opened up a bit about how he got sober and his relationship with British model Waterhouse. Bradley and Beau

    You may be familiar with 39 year old Cooper through his breakout roles in The Hangover trilogy, Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle which have contributed to his current success as Hollywood’s golden boy. What many of Cooper’s fans don’t know is that the actor struggled through some dark times to get to this high point in his career.

    Bradley Cooper Opens Up About His Struggles With Addiction

    In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, Cooper opened up about his past, specifically his struggles with drugs and alcohol. The Oscar nominee says he made the decision to get sober at age 29 when he came to the realization that his drug and alcohol use was holding back a career as an actor. Cooper knew that if he continued to drink and do drugs, it would end up have irreversible effects on his life. The transition happened after a rough period in Cooper’s life and career.

    He hit his bottom during the period working on the hit TV show Alias. Cooper found himself battling depression and having suicidal thoughts when his role on the series didn’t quite pan out. He asked to have himself written off the show, which was a bold move for a young actor but the decision eventually paid off. Cooper took the opportunity to focus on getting sober, which has helped him not only with his career but with personal issues as well. He says being sober helped him be his true self and feel more comfortable about working with others in Hollywood.

    Cooper Not Your Traditional Jock

    Cooper isn’t usually comfortable with talking about his personal life, relationships, or sobriety. In the recent interview with GQ, Cooper tried to focus on his artistic and career choices rather than on his personal struggles. The actor may have an all-American, jock image, but his love of cinema and literature set him apart from other actors.

    Bradley recently celebrated a birthday and a one year anniversary with model girlfriend Suki Waterhouse. The 22 year old British model shares a birthday with Cooper as well. The two were spotted enjoying a motorcycle ride together in Los Angeles for their birthdays. Friends of Waterhouse are saying the relationship between the two has grown stronger recently, as Waterhouse has put her hard partying ways behind her and stopped drinking.

    Bradley Cooper White House State Dinner

    At the recent White House State Dinner, Cooper and Waterhouse were spotted holding hands and were all smiles as Cooper chatted with other attendees. The relationship does indeed seem to be going strong. Perhaps the couple’s sobriety together, as well as the recent success of both their careers has something to do with it. Either way, the two are choosing to keep an air of privacy in regards to their personal lives, choosing instead to focus on work and building a relationship with each other.

    If you or a loved one are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, learn more about the drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs at Seasons Malibu. Bradley and Beau