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Becoming a Sober Coach in Malibu

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    A man keen on becoming a sober coach in Malibu

    There are many professions in the field of addiction recovery that have a meaningful impact on their community from doctors to therapists and counselors. Sober coaches often have the most personal and life-changing effect on people who are struggling with recovery. Becoming a sober coach can allow you to make a difference in people’s lives and help them make the right choices every day.

    Learn more about a sober companion program for recovery. Call us today at 424.235.2009.

    The Dangers of Relapse Are Very Real

    Relapse is an ever-present concern for those recovering from addiction. If a person doesn’t take steps to protect their recovery, they may find themselves facing the same issues that caused them to become addicted in the first place. This can lead to serious health, financial, and personal consequences. It’s important for people who are recovering from addiction to understand the risks of relapse and the steps they can take to prevent it.

    Relapse is a process, not a single event. It typically begins with an individual using drugs or alcohol in some way. This may be as simple as going to a party where others are using, or it could involve actually taking the substance themselves. As the individual continues to engage in these behaviors, it becomes more difficult for them to control their use. Eventually, they may find themselves back in a full-blown addiction.

    It’s important for those recovering from addiction to take steps to protect their recovery and prevent relapse. This means avoiding situations where drugs or alcohol are present, as well as surrounding themselves with people who are committed to their sobriety. Additionally, attending therapy sessions regularly and participating in support groups can help individuals maintain their recovery.

    Recovery from addiction is a long-term process, but relapse does not have to be part of the journey. By understanding the risks and taking steps to prevent them, people can stay on track with their recovery goals. One way to do this is with the help of a sober coach.

    How to Become a Sober Coach

    What’s involved in becoming a sober coach? For starters, it’s crucial that you are a completely clean and sober individual. People who have been through recovery and have been sober for many years often make great sober coaches because they have been through the experience themselves. In other words, they understand the mindset of an addicted individual. A sober coach needs to be someone the addicted individuals can look to as an example of healthy sober living.

    There are plenty of training programs that can help you become a sober coach. They can provide you with the skills and certification necessary to start working in the field. A training program can help you learn how to talk with clients about their addiction and the best tactics for checking in with them to make sure they are on track. Recovery coaches don’t necessarily need degrees in psychology or any experience as a therapist but they will need to receive their certification to get started.

    Sober coaches need to be able to assess people’s needs. They also have to understand what those in recovery need to do to feel more comfortable in their sobriety. Receiving adequate training and sometimes having your own knowledge or experience with addiction can help prepare you for handling difficult moments with a client and supporting them. In the end, being a sober coach can be very rewarding. Why? Because you see people grow and change for the better through their recovery.

    The Sober Companion Program at Seasons in Malibu Can Help

    The sober companion program at Seasons in Malibu helps those who are at risk of relapse stay on track with their recovery. For individuals who have not been able to maintain sobriety with traditional treatment options, the program involves partnering them with a professional sober coach. Together, the client and coach create an individualized plan to meet needs and goals. This approach allows the client to stay safe, focused, and accountable as they work on their recovery. To learn more, call us today at 424.235.2009.