The Basics Behind Malibu Treatment Centers in Malibu

Recover In Malibu

If you are struggling with an addiction, a Malibu treatment center is great place to receive help overcoming your dependencies. They employ highly trained, experienced and compassionate professionals who will customize a program specifically for you or a loved one. Not only will you receive an individualized treatment program to send you down the road of recovery, but you will receive your care amidst some of the most beautiful landscapes available in southern California. A Malibu treatment center is surrounded by warm, sandy beaches and a gorgeous panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean coastline.

A Holistic Approach

These treatment centers provide high quality and life-changing treatments which involve a multi-dimensional and holistic approach, featuring up to 65 one-on-one treatment sessions a month. The men and women who choose a Malibu treatment facility can truly alter their addictive lifestyle and begin living a better life, mentally and physically free from the afflictions of addiction. The staff members are experts in treating drug addiction and alcoholism. They approach each patient with a varied mix of cutting edge therapy and program approaches. Not only does a treatment center treat the cause of your addiction, but they also treat the symptoms which accompany it. Some of the effects that are treated are depression, anxiety, trauma or other underlying cause which first caused you to depend upon drinking and using as a coping mechanism.

Therapy and Program Addiction Modalities

The treatment facilities in Malibu agree with leading doctors and scientists, as well as the National Institute for Drug Addiction, that addiction itself is a treatable chronic disease. It is best addressed both at the individual level of behavior as well as systemically from the body’s cellular level. It is important to utilize an approach to treatment that expands from the brain’s neurobiology system to the patient’s family and social networks. Many centers include programs to help each and every individual who pass through their doors:

  • Health Assessments: Medical management through a qualified health assessment
  • Family Diagnostics: A family diagnosis which includes the overall assessment and diagnostic dynamics of the patient’s family
  • Relapse Prevention: A relapse prevention program which identifies patterns that could lead to a relapse and addresses them
  • Aftercare: An aftercare planning program which teaches patients who successfully leave treatment to cope with living outside the walls of recovery centers, so they don’t fall back into old patterns and behaviors.

There are also many other types of benefits offered by reputable treatment centers in Malibu:

Healing Benefits

The beautiful location of Malibu can’t help but be a part of a patient’s healing and recovery, especially when treatment centers incorporate the following:

  • Acupuncture to enhance overall physiological functioning.
  • Art therapy to tap into creativity through artistic expression.
  • Cooking therapy to maintain a focus on health and nutrition.
  • Creative writing to help patients express themselves.
  • Dream therapy to analyze a patient’s unconscious processes.
  • DBT and EMDR to address trauma and handling daily living skills.
  • Equine therapy where patient’s work with animals for relaxation and mental release.
  • Fitness therapy to enhance coping methods.
  • Hypnotherapy to help patient’s tap into their core feelings.
  • Kayaking, Music therapy, Surfing, Tennis, Thai Massage, Acting and Yoga therapy.
  • Music therapy to help in self-expression.
  • Meditation which incorporates breathing techniques and positive self-affirmation.

Drug Addictions

The knowledgeable staff found at treatment centers in Malibu understand how drugs like cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, methamphetamines, and prescription pills like Vicodin, OxyContin, and Ativan can get people hooked and how their side effects are dangerous and can become fatal. Alcoholism and drug addiction claims many lives in the United States on a day to day basis. A Malibu treatment center is the right choice for men and women who are looking to finally break free of their dependency on alcohol, prescription or illegal drugs. If you’re looking around for a professional rehab clinic, then make sure they are CARF-accredited, and have shown success with dual-diagnosis addiction treatment plans specializing in treating a wide variety of addictions such as alcoholism, opiate addiction, cocaine addiction and prescription drug abuse.