New App A-CHESS Aims To Help Those In Recovery

People are constantly trying to find new and innovative ways to battle addiction. The result is that creative and cutting-edge ways to help those in recovery keep coming out all the time. With the rise of the smartphone and the popularity of smartphone applications, it only seemed like a matter of time before an app would come out aimed at helping people maintain their recovery after rehab.

In essence, this app could be combining the best of both worlds, which is leveraging the advances in modern technology to help people overcome chronic addiction. A smartphone app has the ability to be part of a person’s everyday life in an unobtrusive way that a clinician would not be able duplicate.

Creating An App For Addiction Recovery

Nowadays, there seems to be a smartphone app for everything. They seem to have been particularly successful, because apps can target a very specific need for a niche audience and solve a problem the audience needs to be addressed. Smartphone apps have been helping people with:

  • Weight-loss
  • Time management
  • Locating the best restaurants
  • Attending local music shows

In this case, the A-CHESS app is targeted towards an audience with a very important need, recovering from addiction post-rehab without relapsing.

An Innovative Smartphone Application

The A-CHESS app is aimed at providing people who leave rehab with a community of people they can lean on for social support. It was originally built to support a need that people who leave rehab have. They still need a close community of people who understand what they’re going through, and the app provides a fast and convenient way for them to find an easily accessible community of support for them to rely on. The A-CHESS app has a rich variety of features aimed specifically at helping people suffering from addiction.

Weekly Check In

One of the most powerful features of the A-CHESS app is the weekly check in feature it has.  This helps hold the recovering addict accountable for one’s actions on a regular basis in an easy and efficient manner.

Overview Of Past Behaviors

Users will be able to look at charts of their behavior, helping them give more insight into their own behaviors and patterns. This is a very powerful feature that many addicts in recovery would not have access to otherwise. By being able to see directly the patterns in their own behavior, this empowers recovering addicts to break the negative behavioral patterns that have lead them to addiction in the past.

Other Important Features

Besides charting behavioral patterns, the A-CHESS app has a variety of other features that has helped recovering addicts so much the app has even been called a “Comfort System In Your Pocket.”

  • Sends Out Warnings – When someone is approaching a “danger” area that is associated with previous drug or alcohol use, the app will give off of a warning, as a reminder this is a dangerous area.
  • Has More Reach Than Clinicians – The A-Chess app has the power to be with someone in recovery twenty-four hours a day, which is support no clinician is able to provide.
  • A Safety Net – The app will provide the user with a built-in community of support so that if they feel like they are in danger of relapsing they have a safety net that might not otherwise exist.

Seeing Into The Future

The A-CHESS app in some ways might be the future of ways people in recovery from addiction stop themselves from relapsing. People who need extra support during their recovery journey may be relying on apps to connect them with others and find ways to monitor their own recovery. An app can help people empower themselves, so that they can ensure their own long-lasting success.