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Anxiety and Weight Fluctuations

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  • Anxiety and Weight Fluctuations

    Weight Loss or Gain in Anxiety

    When someone has a mental health issue such as anxiety, their mental state can often lead to noticeable physical changes as well. People with anxiety often go through weight fluctuations depending on the level of their psychological distress. Their appetite may suddenly change due to anxiety or they may use food a coping mechanism to deal with stress.

    Depending on the individual and how they cope with their disorder, they may experience sudden weight gain or weight loss when their anxiety levels are high. It can happen over the course of a few weeks or months as their appetite and diet changes due to anxiety. The weight loss or gain may be noticeable enough that loved ones will feel concerned. Going to the best rehab can help.

    Connection between Food and Anxiety

    Some people with anxiety may feel too worried or stressed to eat or they lose their appetite when they are experiencing distress. When their anxiety subsides they may eat normally again and their weight will go back up. Others may eat more when they are stressed, using food to comfort their feelings and will gain a significant amount of weight when they are struggling the most with anxiety.

    For people with anxiety it can also affect their physical response which can impact their weight. Some who have anxiety may be nervously more active, have trouble sleeping and generally expend more energy when they are anxious which can lead to weight loss. Others will become tired from their anxiety and become inactive, leading to weight gain.

    While people may react to anxiety differently, any type of sudden weight fluctuation can be a sign that they are struggling with serious mental health issues and need help. If anxiety is affecting them physically and mentally then it may be a good idea to contact a mental health treatment center or a luxury rehab center for recovery.