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The Advantages Of Attending A Rehab In Malibu

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  • The Advantages Of Attending A Rehab In Malibu
  • The Advantages Of Attending A Rehab In Malibu

    Myths About Recovery

    At Seasons In Malibu it is not uncommon for our clients to have made several attempts on their own to address their addiction to alcohol, drugs or both. Often people are successful in their attempts to simply quit drinking or using, but the success is often short-lived.

    Understanding the cause of the addiction is not about a lack of willpower is critical in realizing it takes professional help to stop using for life. Our rehab in Malibu allows you to work with professionals who are experts in addiction recovery as well as lifestyles changes to support your choice to live addiction-free.

    The Detox Problem

    The first problem anyone trying to complete their own addiction recovery program will find is the challenge in doing detox without medical support and supervision. At our facility, we provide licensed doctors and addiction specialists to provide you with medical as well as emotional support during your withdrawal symptoms.

    When you try to detox at home, the symptoms may be overwhelming and the urges to use your brain is sending may be impossible to control. In some cases, including alcohol withdrawal, there can be health concerns as well.

    Focus on You

    At our rehab in Malibu, you can focus on yourself, your learning, and your recovery. We handle everything else for you including wonderful meals, structuring your therapy, groups and activities, and providing you with a beautiful place to stay.

    When you are trying to break free from addiction on your own you have all the stressors of life to deal with on top of your recovery. As these stresses are often the triggers for use, it becomes a vicious cycle.

    Compassion and Understanding

    The staff at Seasons in Malibu are all addiction specialists. We have years of experience in working with those in recovery, and all of us have had addiction touch our lives on a personal level.

    This understanding and compassion combined with our knowledge of most effective practices and treatment methods is a type of support you cannot find outside of our facility.

    Unlike family members or friends, we know what to do to help you through the emotional and physical impact of addiction recovery. At our rehab in Malibu, we are all about your personal growth and development in learning new, effective ways to move forward with your life and in your goals to live addiction free.