Addressing Workplace Anxiety

Addressing Workplace Anxiety

Working a full time job can be stressful and places a lot of pressure on employees to perform well. There may be competition with other employees, office politics and other factors which increase stress and anxiety. Someone who suffers from workplace anxiety disorder may have issues keeping up with their work or may be unable to meet deadlines because of their emotional state.

Understanding Workplace Anxiety

People with anxiety disorders tend to have issues at work that can hinder their progress and ability to get ahead. They might have trouble setting and meeting deadlines, maintaining personal relationships, managing staff, participating in meetings and making presentations. People with anxiety may also feel uncomfortable talking to their boss and bringing up issues that are affecting them.

It is always up to the individual whether they decide that they want to let their boss know about their anxiety issues. Letting people know can help ease stress and they may provide you with some accommodations because they are concerned about your health. If you choose not to share you issues you can find ways to reduce stress and anxiety on your own.

To manage anxiety at work it can be helpful to find at least one coworker that you trust talk about what you are going through or just connect with on a personal level. You should also try to practice time management so that you don’t end up dealing with stressful deadlines that you are struggling to meet. Make sure to plan and prepare every work day so that you don’t end up overwhelmed.

The most important thing to keep in mind if you are struggling with workplace anxiety is that you can always ask for help. Talk to your boss, coworkers or even a therapist about what you are going through and they can provide some compassion and assistance.