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  • Adderall Abuse Continues to Rise
  • Adderall Abuse Continues to Rise

    A man contemplates his Adderall abuse

    Stimulants like Adderall are normally prescribed to people suffering from attention issues such as ADD or ADHD. These are common childhood neurobiological disorders that affect a person’s ability to focus, learn and maintain their attention span. Prescriptions for these issues are on the rise and unfortunately, so are the incidents of abuse with these types of drugs.

    One of the most common scenarios in which drugs like Adderall are abused is in situations where young people want to have an intense focus in order to study, finish papers, or cram for an exam. College students have some of the highest rates of Adderall abuse as they find it easy to obtain and use it frequently to get through their busy schedules and difficult classes. Students often believe that it helps them get better grades because they can stay up longer to stay and maintain their attention on the material.

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    Side Effects of Adderall Abuse

    Although Adderall may seem harmless to students, it can actually have a number of dangerous side effects and harmful consequences. Since 2013 there have been more than 19000 reports of complications from drugs used to treat ADHD including many incidents of hospitalization and death. The number of cases in emergency rooms related to drugs like Adderall has quadrupled in the last seven years.

    The rise in Adderall abuse among young people can even continue after they have finished college and entered the job market. Some young adults find it difficult to leave behind their addiction and use Adderall in the workplace to help them work long hours and excel in their competitive jobs. They tend to develop a tolerance to the drug. As a result, they need higher doses to get the same effect and developing withdrawal symptoms when it’s not available.

    Users of Adderall should be aware of the dangers of their drug use and get help if they have developed an addiction.

    Adderall Addiction Treatment Is the Solution

    Adderall addiction treatment is a process of recovery from Adderall abuse and misuse. It includes both medical and psychological interventions to help the person abstain from using the drug, manage their triggers for use, and work toward a healthier lifestyle. Treatment typically involves counseling, support groups, medication management, detoxification programs, relapse prevention strategies, and aftercare services. Adderall addiction treatment is tailored to the individual and can be an important part of successful long-term recovery.

    The goal of Adderall addiction treatment is to help the person learn how to live a healthier, more fulfilling life without relying on Adderall. Treatment typically involves a combination of medical care, psychological counseling, support, and education. Treatment will help the person identify and manage the emotional and physical issues contributing to their Adderall use, as well as develop strategies for living without using it.

    Adderall treatment plans typically include the following:

    • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
    • Motivational interviewing
    • Medication management for addiction or mental health issues
    • Participation in a 12-step program

    Treatment should also include relapse prevention strategies such as:

    • Education about the risks of Adderall use
    • Lifestyle changes to reduce stress and triggers
    • Developing coping skills
    • Building a strong support system

    Adderall addiction treatment is an important part of a successful recovery. People can beat Adderall addiction with the right help and support. With successful treatment, healthy, productive lives are possible once again.

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