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Unable to Work 9-5 Because of Mental Health

Unable to Work 9-5 Because of Mental Health

Work with Mental Illness

Although most mental health problems are manageable with counseling and medication, there are some cases when a person’s symptoms can interfere with their job. Some mental illnesses are chronic and difficult to treat which means managing it becomes a full time job in itself. More complicated mental health disorders may mean the individual must work part time or remain unemployed in order to be healthy and safe.

Work with 9-5 Schedule

Sometimes a typical work environment or the 9-5 schedule doesn’t work or is a viable option for everyone. Those kinds of jobs may be too stressful or strict for the way the person’s mind works and the way that they function at their best. This doesn’t mean they are lazy or can’t handle working it simply means they need to find employment that suits their personal needs.

Certain mental health issues can be debilitating and completely change the way a person interacts with others and their environment. Even issues like depression can make it difficult to work a regular schedule as the person’s emotions can cause them to shut down at inopportune times. Issues like anxiety can severely affect a person’s sleep habits which can make it hard for them to wake up for a morning job.

Fortunately there are many options for people with mental health issues to work a job remotely, create their own schedule or work part time hours. These can all be useful alternatives for people who are not able to work 9 to 5 or 40 hour weeks. In other cases, they may need to spend some time being unemployed so that they can focus on their health and improve their symptoms.

Many types of health reasons can affect a person’s ability to work full time but they can still be productive members of society.