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Symptoms of Drug Addiction: 5 Common Signs

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  • Symptoms of Drug Addiction: 5 Common Signs
  • Symptoms of Drug Addiction: 5 Common Signs

    It is never too late for anybody to stage an intervention and help a loved one recover from drug abuse by bringing them to a Malibu treatment center. But before it can get any worse, one has to learn the common signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction that show that somebody’s addicted in the first place. These indications can differ from person to person. However, these are some of the most common signs for a great majority of people who suffer from addiction:

    Losing Control of Oneself

    This is when one starts taking a drug far too often, despite the fact that they have already told themselves or others that they will stop completely. Taking a drug for longer than intended can also indicate that the person can no longer help themselves and that he or she requires urgent treatment.

    No Longer Taking Part in Regular Activities – Symptoms of Drug Addiction

    If your loved one used to always attend family get-togethers or exercise at least three times a week, he or she may no longer be participating in these activities if addicted to drugs. Any decreased attendance or performance at school or at work can also be an indication of addiction, according to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence.

    Taking More Risks than Usual

    If one is heavily addicted to a substance, not having access to it can feel like a moment of life or death. This could drive somebody to resort to extreme means just to obtain a drug. For instance, they may recklessly sell their personal belongings for a quick hit, or they may even gamble in order to try and get enough winnings to afford an addictive substance.

    Keeping Secrets from Loved Ones – Symptoms of Drug Addiction

    Because of the taboo and the laws associated with drug addiction, people may start hiding things from the ones they care about. You may be surprised to one day find some drugs stashed away in a secret area of your loved one’s apartment or you might see certain concerning physical symptoms resulting from the drug use that the person will try to hide from you at all costs. Symptoms of Drug Addiction

    An Unhygienic Physical Appearance

    Many people greatly deteriorate under the influence of drugs because they no longer have the energy or motivation that they need each day. They may look constantly sloppy with unkempt hair, may smell strange due to lack of showering, and may be wearing dirty clothes that haven’t been through the wash in weeks. This could also be reflected in the state of their room. If they look like a mess, then the odds are good that their room is a mess, too. Symptoms of Drug Addiction