Are You Getting The Best Rehab For Your Money

Are You Getting The Best Rehab For Your Money

Best RehabThere are a few qualities that set an excellent rehab apart from normal and mediocre ones – excellent staff, excellent treatment options and excellent environment. At Seasons in Malibu we offer the best rehab for someone that is struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and/or co-occurring mental disorders.

The treatment program at Seasons in Malibu is process-based and our caring, intake team works with each new client so that they understand our program, what is expected of them and how they can achieve the greatest possible outcome. We adhere to the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment and offer as many extracurricular activities as possible so that we can help you find healthy passions and create new habits so this new wonderful life outshines the addicted one of the past.

Innovative Care

As the best rehab, our clients know that they are receiving innovative care from world-class medical and clinical professionals. Our staff is composed of professionals that have been in the field of addiction medicine and advanced psychotherapy for years, and work together to help clients focus on achieving their goals using cutting edge and tried and true modalities.

We also to try to help our clients understand what got them here in the first place and work with them, one-on-one to achieve long-term sobriety. We believe that addiction is a treatable illness and we utilize therapies such as restorative massage therapy and acupuncture; systemic family treatment; group and individual psychotherapy and aftercare/continued care.

Outdoor Activities

The best rehab also has outdoor activities ranging from surfing and kayaking on the ocean to fitness consultation, yoga and tennis lessons. Each day clients eat healthy meals and can participate in nutrition counseling if desired.

Upon arrival to our treatment center, the client will be welcomed into a supportive and strengthening community of caring professionals. Each week we will assess progress and make any necessary changes to the individual’s customized treatment program. This is done in an environment that includes the client so he or she is fully involved in the recovery process and willing to work daily towards the best possible outcome.

Finding The Best Rehab

Finding the best rehab is difficult, but at Seasons in Malibu our pristine Southern California location in beautiful Malibu Beach is just what the doctor ordered. Past clients have told us that it is some of the most relaxing and rewarding healing time they have ever given to themselves and we hope that is a gift you can give to yourself or someone you love that is still dealing with the pain and suffering associated with substance abuse or alcoholism.

Explore a new way to live today and change your life forever.

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