Alcohol Rehabilitation

Reasons Why You Should Undergo Your Alcohol Rehabilitation At Our Facility

Alcohol abuse leads to addiction. And it is treatable. There are many treatment centers providing alcohol rehabilitation. We are one of them.

Why you should have your alcohol rehabilitation with us.


We are very experienced in the treatment of alcohol addiction. We have been in existence for years, and have a proven track record of a hundred percent success rate. We provide the best quality care among our contemporaries.

We do not only treat you for alcohol addiction, we also help you deal with the source of the problem that has led you into alcohol abuse. When this is known, recovery and relapse prevention is certain.

Supportive staff

Our rehab and treatment center boasts of highly trained and qualified staff. These staff will treat you with kindness and understanding. They will literally work around the clock to help you get your life back. They will also provide you with all the necessary support and attention you require to get your recovery.

From the minute you walk through our doors, you will feel welcome.

We have standard facilities and amenities

Alcohol rehabilitation at our facility is exciting and amazing. We have standard facilities that will make your recovery process quicker. Our facilities are world class, and the accommodations we offer are top notch. While undergoing your rehab with us, you will be living in a home away from home. We provide you with luxurious rooms and latest facilities. With us, you enjoy all the privileges of being at home.

Apart from the standard facilities we have, we also provide a conducive environment, suitable for rehabilitation, development and recovery. Our facility is neat, safe, secure, serene, beautiful and spacious.

We have a swimming pool which you can use for relaxation. You can also participate in sports while on admission at our facility.

We provide aftercare support

After your rehabilitation and recovery, we still provide aftercare support to you. We don’t just discharge and abandon you. We provide you with easy access to our counselors, case managers and therapists. This aftercare support is very helpful in bringing your self-confidence back.

We have flexible payment plans

We value the lives and health of our patients. We therefore, do not make money our priority but your health and wellness. We provide quality treatments and therapies, which is possible because of patients’ medical fees.

To make alcohol rehabilitation possible for more addicts, we have devised flexible payment plans. You do not have to suffer in silence due to expensive treatment costs. Kindly contact us with your questions about insurance coverage and payment plans, and we will gladly let you know what treatments your health insurance plan covers.

The points mentioned above are some of the reasons why our rehab and treatment center is unique and different from the others.

Finally, from the discussions above, it is evident that alcohol addiction is rampant. And it is treatable. Therefore, if you have or know anybody suffering from alcohol addiction, the earlier you contact us, the quicker the journey to a new, beautiful and brighter life.

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