Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Treatment GuaranteeIt is far too common for drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers to put the entire responsibility for success on the individual seeking help. This "blame the addict" approach to addiction is the result of the misunderstanding of the nature of the disease and of the mistaken idea that people use drugs and alcohol as a choice in addiction.

So many California rehabs send the patient back to the exact environment they were in before treatment, give them a set of "tools" to help them "deal with their triggers" and then watch the client almost helplessly relapse within days, weeks or months only to then observe "he just was not wanting it bad enough" or "they just were not working their program hard enough."

This is an almost medieval understanding of addiction and borders on malpractice. Now that we know addiction is a treatable disease we can be held accountable for that treatment- and the best way we can do that is with our unprecedented guarantee.

Our detailed guarantee offer to you:

If you embrace treatment for the length research shows is the most effective- 90 days or greater, and if you execute on the aftercare program we develop with you in treatment, then, should you need to for any reason, including relapse or other crisis before relapse, for the first year following your exit from treatment, we will take you back into treatment without charge for up to one month.

That is it. It is that simple. We have done this a few times in the past few years and we have never refused anyone who has requested this who needed help.

We know we can treat addiction successfully. We stand behind our treatment with this offer and we think it speaks for itself.

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