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Systemic Treatment Program

One of the main components of treating addiction systemically is treating the family systems. At Seasons in Malibu, our systemic family treatment program actually approaches treating the entire family system while a patient is in primary care at our luxurious addiction treatment center. If you’d like more information about how Season in Malibu’s systemic family treatment program can simultaneously address addiction and family dynamics, call us at 424.235.2009 or email us at

Components of Our Systemic Family Treatment Program

Our systemic family treatment program can come in a variety of modalities, including:

  • The family assessment – Each family is given an assessment to determine their individual needs and desires for treatment. This is often emailed to family members who are out of town and scored in the first few days of treatment to assess for issues of codependency, risk, pathology, trauma, and abuse.
  • The Systemic Family Intervention Program – Pioneered by treatment giant Wayne Raiter, the Systemic Family Intervention Program is a psycho-educational program of eighteen modules designed to change the paradigm of treatment from the client to the family system. This program is executed in person, by phone, or by computer video teleconference and is available to all family members.
  • The family treatment plan – After the Systemic Intervention process begins, a treatment program is prescribed for the family members and the family as a whole. Family members may participate in trauma treatment, codependency treatment, psychodynamic therapy, and relationship counseling.
  • Family medical assessments – Quite often, addiction is a response to an undiagnosed mental health disorder or medical issue. A medical or psychiatric assessment of family members can be a helpful way to make sure medical conditions are not exacerbating relationship issues in families.

The Ongoing Family Weekend Program

Each weekend on our Malibu rehab campus, our Seasons in Malibu staff conducts perhaps the most thorough and ongoing family treatment program in the country. Each Saturday, there is a psychoeducational group, a multi-family process group, and an experiential family therapy group. Each Sunday, there is a group on the family and spiritual community, a psycho-educational lecture, and an experiential family group.

These weekend programs combined with the individual family Systemic Family intervention process and their assigned family therapist and weekly treatment combine for a family being eligible to participate in more than sixty-four hours per month of family program. In some cases, a family member is getting as much treatment time as the member in residence.

The family program is not an “add-on” to the treatment in the hope of having the family help out the person in addiction. We have realized the family system is the patient here, and we need to give that patient the best rehab treatment that we possibly can if we want to have success.

The Three Day Systemic Family Intensive

In addition to the family weekend program, our Seasons in Malibu team saw the need to engage individual families with as much intensity as possible in a short period of time. The process of achieving a breakthrough result allows the family to change from a system of addiction into something more supportive while the inpatient client is still in residence.

For this purpose, a three-day breakthrough program has been developed that allows individual families of up to ten members to participate on our campus. This concentrated and focused three-day program provides more than twenty-five hours of treatment with our highly-qualified staff.

As with the individuals in treatment, we believe families will benefit from treatment at least a year in length. Regular process therapy, relationship therapy, and visit to our Seasons in Malibu campus for days or weekends are ways that families continue to participate in treatment throughout the year.

Reconnect with the Systemic Family Treatment Program at Seasons in Malibu

Addiction produces many harmful results, including damaging or destroying relationships among family members. At Seasons in Malibu, our team recognizes that a family unit is a vital source of support for someone in recovery from addiction. Our systemic family treatment program provides the perfect environment for the entire family to heal from addiction together. Learn more about our programs and services today by calling us at 424.235.2009 or reaching out to us online.