Drug Rehab 2022 Round 1 – The Power of Addiction

Name: Emilee Wallace

The Power of Addiction

According to The National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, “96,779 drug overdose deaths were reported from March 2020 to March 2021”. Drug addiction has and will be a problem that continues to grow in our nation. What people don’t usually realize is how many people are truly affected by addiction. It is not only the abuser but the family and friends too. Drugs affect your whole self, emotionally, physically, and mentally. Growing up as a child my mother was a drug user. Children of addicts are emotionally traumatized because of the side effects of these drugs. Living with two addicts who were mostly gone each night was hard. Drugs make your mind go blank and for people that suffer from this disease it is never just one time. You work your way up from small drugs to opioids because it is never enough to get that feeling and you would do anything for drugs. I watched someone overdose from drugs all you see is that person laying cold sick and white as a ghost. I used to take care of my siblings when I was very young because they needed someone when our mom was not there. When my sister was born it was no longer taking care of myself but her also. This has made me such an independent and mature person. This opioid epidemic is affecting all society because drugs are getting laced with stronger opiods that lead to overdoses. Overdosing makes you blank out and people die each day from this. Watching someone stuck and mentally not aware of what is going on. I will never understand how addiction is so powerful and why it continues to grow because it is a disease. People in this new generation are affected by pure pressure and the real life situations need to be put out into the world of what drugs do to your body. There are drugs all around us and people do not even realize they are in our home and at parties all the time. I feel that we need to show the world what happens when you become addicted to drugs because I feel that people are too soft that they do not want to face the reality of this epidemic. We currently live in a world where we are facing an epidemic affecting every part of the world. But why is the drug epidemic hidden from the real world. There are almost 100,000 people killed in the nation due to this disease and no one is talking about that. Side effects from drugs are becoming more powerful than ever before. There is nothing out there in the world that truly helps this chronic painful disease and it is a daily fight against yourself. All it takes is one time to become addicted to drugs and you can never come back from that life without a fight. This epidemic needs to be shared and opened up to the world more so we can fight it together and become a stronger nation.