Drug Rehab 2022 Round 1 – Substance Abuse

Name: Alana Hernandez

Substance Abuse

I believe that people will always have the ability to rise above any hardship because the real core of a human is the part that is not selfish and strives to care for others. Gandhi once said, “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”. Gandhi felt that a person’s genuine essence is the part of them that isn’t selfish and helps others. He implied that caring for others is the essence of who we are as humans, that we are not living as our actual selves if we behave selfishly.

All my life I have been compared to my brother. The comparison was subtle, but still precedent in the ways my parents raised me and notable as my mother’s greatest fear is if I were to end up like him. He wasn’t exactly the best role model or the easiest son to raise. He became addicted to marijuana in his late teens and moved on to much harder drugs throughout his twenties. I never understood what drove him to that point of self-harm, then again I was far too young to. At the time I didn’t know that multiple factors contribute to the reasons why people become addicted and just always thought he lacked moral principles or the willpower to stop taking the drugs. “Never be like him, never be like him”, I would repeatedly tell myself as if I were doomed to become him. Because of this I grew up resenting my brother and blamed him for the strict rules and high standards placed heavily on my shoulders. With the knowledge I have learned from the psychology courses I’ve taken, I know now that I never should have acted so selfishly, instead I should have helped him in any way I possibly could. Drug addiction is a complicated condition that requires more than good intent or a strong commitment to overcome–it requires the help and service from others who care.

I owe it to my brother to help others struggling with this disease because I failed as his sister to be there for him. My brother may have not been the best role model or the perfect son, but the experiences I went through with him taught me to learn from my mistakes, that there is always a way to change yourself for the better, and to have compassion because who are we if not human to care for one another. So, I thank and pray for him every day for helping me find myself, a field of study that I am truly passionate about, and will fully dedicate all my heart and soul to helping those who can’t help themselves.

Oscar Wilde said it clearly, “the world is divided into two classes, those who believe the incredible, and those who do the improbable”. I will do the improbable by helping those who believe in the impossibility of recovery and struggle to fight against the enslavement of addiction.