Drug Rehab 2022 Round 1 – How Addiction Has Affected Me

Name: Britton Renea' Knowles

How Addiction Has Affected Me

Many people, if not everyone, has heard the term addiction. There are many different types of addiction(s). There are two main types of addiction, drug addiction and alcohol addiction. That does not just mean that those are the only types of addiction those are just the main two that people think of when they hear the word addiction. You can also be addicted to technology, books, shopping spree’s, and many more things. When talking about drug addictions it could be prescribed medications, meth, heroin, etc. In this essay, I will talk about what addiction is, how to notice someone that may be suffering from addiction, how you might be able to help prevent addiction, a little bit of how I have been “involved” with addiction, and how this affects people and the people around them.

Addiction is the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity. Many people may not be able to recognize if someone is suffering from addiction. They may just think that “Billy Joe” is just always trying to have a good time and be the life of the party. One way to notice if someone is going through an addiction is by watching their emotions and attitude when they are not drinking, shooting up heroin, popping pills, or doing the activity that they do a lot of the time.

When my mother and father got a divorce we all knew that it was for the best. Both of my parents are better off not being married to one another but that did not mean that the divorce was going to be easy on them. We all still loved and cared about one another and they just weren’t “in love” anymore. My mom began to drink heavily throughout this divorce. I may have been around 10 years old but I could still tell that she was drinking to hide or mask most of her emotions.

Both of my parents remarried but my mom got divorced again because her second husband was abusive, physically, emotionally, and mentally. When my dad first met my step-mother she was so sweet and treated my siblings and I like we were her own. She would play with us, bake with us, and just do daily activities with us as if she were our second mom. Once she moved in everything changed. She became a closet drunk. She started to treat her own daughter better than my sisters and I. She would always put us down and get us in trouble for the things her daughter did and would blame us for doing it. Me being the oldest and the closest to my father, I tried talking to him about it. How she treated us, how we would come home from school and she would be drunk and how she would instantly hide in her room and have my sisters and I watch the kids and do all of the chores.

My step mom always told my two sisters and I we were addicted to our phones and would then take them away from us until we would clean the entire house for her while my dad was at work. Then she took all of the credit for the house being cleaned. Let me remind you this was an everyday event. It got to the point where she would not even let us talk on the phone with our own mother at times. My dad never believed anything we said about what she was doing, because he loved her and wanted everything to be okay and their marriage to work.

I believe that we are dealing with an addiction crisis, especially in today’s world, becuase there is just too much going on for an average person to try and handle. There’s understaffed businesses, low in come jobs, and so much more going on in today’s world. Some people lean towards towards the drugs and/or alcohol to numb all of their pain and anxiety of what is going to happen next for them and their family.

There are different consequences that comes with each different type of addiction. These consequences do not just apply to the person who is addicted, but also to whomever may be supplying them with the drugs, the people around the one whom is addicted, and today’s society also feels some of the consquences. There are not many people that are addicted to alcohol and have someone else supply it for them but remember that is also a possiblity. Family of whomever is addicted really feals the consequences almost more than whomever is addicted. For example, when my mom and my step mom became alcoholics my sisters and I felt terrible everyday as if we were watching them “slip” away from us. The consequeceses for us, the family, are more emotional than physical. For whomever is the one going through the addiction is harming their organs and it could eventually kill them.

To be honest with you I do not know how to stop the crisis of addiction on my own. Watching my mom go through all of her tough times makes me want to do whatever I possibly can do to help anyone else going through addiction. My mother is much better than what she was before. She realized on her own, and some encouragement of family and friends, that she needed to cut back. Addiction is not always bad. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that there is a plan for you. My mothers alcoholism was part of her plan. She came out stronger than ever before and now my sisters and I are closer to both of our parents than ever before.