Drug Rehab 2022 Round 1 – HOPE TO HEAL

Name: Shristi Paudel



My childhood memories include many days where I used to wait my dad after his office so that I could have good and happy times with him .But everytime when I used to rush to the gate to receive him after I heard sound of his bike engine, I used to find him with his clumsy walks, shouting at mom, immediately after he comes home. The reason was he was an addict of alcohol .I had seen my mom and dad quarrelling and my mom weeping everyday. I was very young and my raised voice was never heard.

Addiction has become a big crisis to millions of families like mine and communities around the world. In the world of technological advancement, the world is filled with physical comfort but mental stress is equally increasing. In my opinion, one of the major reason behind this is an imbalance with emotion management. We are so onto the virtual world that we forget the real our own self ,that needs love, care and happiness. There might be various reasons like-chilhood trauma, loss of loved ones, poverty and stress, peer pressure. When all these reasons are not found out in a right period of time, along with lack of proper psychological counseling ,a good human suddenly falls into the trap of addiction.

The results of all these eventually gets horrible not only to the individual but the whole family suddenly face crisis issues. My own family is a victim of this. A beautiful family suddenly collapsed and it was hell to survive. There were economic crisis, society looked us in a bad way, it was a matter of shame due to constant fights and even time came when my mom tried to commit suicide. A very loyal office employee, my father was thrown out due to indiscipline. My brother could not study well and left college. My dad used to steal money from my mom, even stole her jewelry for money. Days were extremely horrible when we even didn’t have food to eat. Substance abuse and addiction have grave consequences to millions of families in the world that eventually hamper social norms, effecting crime rates, hospitalizations, child abuse , domestic violence and rapidly consuming the limited public funds.

I had researched regarding rehabilitation and found the policy of Narconon Nepal where they have unique programme approach like drug free withdrawal, detoxification, proper counselling and teaching life skills and fortunately my father could come out of his 25 years long addiction. People according to their problems require behavioral counseling, evaluation and treatment for mental health issues like depression and anxiety, awareness and also proper education especially in the underdeveloped and developing countries. Various stress management programmes to employees, housewife, child is necessary. Nature is also the best healer so rehabilitation programs in touch with natural therapies are beneficial. Yoga and meditation campaigns will also help millions to be relaxed, calm and motivated. Government policies should also include free helpline by professionals for anyone who needs to be heard. Health centers teaching healthy lifestyle tricks, good nutrition, physical fitness,psychological counseling and relaxation is very importantly needed.

I wish to pursue Masters in Health Promotion where I can be a best health advocate with the good platform where my voices can be heard internationally and I can bring light of hope and positive changes to thousands of families who had a dark realities like how I had during my childhood.