Drug Rehab 2022 Round 1 – Ending Addiction

Name: Ana Triana

Ending Addiction

Addiction has become more socially acceptable than it used to be years ago. Nowadays getting drugs or alcohol can be a text away. Socially, drugs like marihuana and cocaine have become allowable and even considered normal in most teens’ lives. Drugs like these and alcohol may be used due to peer pressure and having the fear of being left out. Most teens do drugs and drink alcohol, if you don’t, you may be seen as “not cool”. Another reason might be because people are just feeling curious and according to their surroundings it is okay to try. In order to cope with mental health issues like depression or anxiety many people look at drugs and alcohol to relieve themselves. Addictive substances release dopamine which gives the user a temporary sense of relief. People with these issues are likely to come back to these substances looking for a way to feel better even if it is temporary, which allows them to become addicted to the substance. Also, people that have gone through a traumatic event are at risk of falling addicted. People that have PTSD are more likely to be addicted to substances in their lives. If a person was born in a high risk area where drugs are more accessible, they are more likely to fall into addiction. Usually at places like these, drugs are available to people from a very young age, which increases the risk of becoming addicted. So then, what are the consequences for being addicted to substances like these? When a person is addicted they are most likely to drop out of school or lose their jobs. A lot of people struggling with addiction also struggle with other mental issues. Depression might lead them to want to end their lives because they see no purpose to keep on living. You become dependent on a substance that you won’t have available 24/7 which leads to depression when you’re not high, and anxiety when you don’t have drugs. Legally, there might also be consequences that people might have to face. They might be charged with possession or they might get into problems when high or drunk. Not only are social consequences viable but also health problems may occur. Permanent health issues are real, for example when a person does drugs, they are burning away brain cells. Also, alcohol is one of the main causes for a lot of health issues like cancer, heart failure, liver issues and more. Studies have shown that addiction may be generational, if your parents were addicted you are more at risk to be addicted as well. What do we do about this? In order to help end the issue of addition we need to educate people and help them sober up. By sponsoring and supporting addiction through their process of getting clean, you are helping end addiction a person at a time. Starting to educate people about the risks and consequences of substance abuse from a young age will help. Lastly, by actually removing the easy access to narcotics, and regulating alcohol distribution we can all help end addition in the nation.