Drug Rehab 2022 Round 1 – Alcoholism Does Not Discriminate

Name: Tristen Brian Osborn

Alcoholism Does Not Discriminate

Addiction is a disease that is crippling our nation. It is a disease that has been around for hundreds of years, and yet we have found no cure. In today’s society, most people can identify someone in their family or inner circle who struggles with addiction. Addiction comes in many forms: a teenager, a mom, a CEO, a homeless person, a principal. It does not discriminate. No one wants to admit they have a problem, but that is where the first step to ending this disease begins.

As a nation, we are dealing with an addiction crisis. So many pivotal events which occur can trigger a person to reach for a bottle or drugs. Since COVID, many people have experienced loss of a family member or loss of a job, which is devastating enough, but sometimes they feel a pill or drink can “take the edge off”. Depression is one of the main reasons addiction is so prevalent in society. People want to drown out the negative thoughts, but substance abuse only makes it worse. Mental disease and physical disabilities are other contributing factors that prompts people to drink or use drugs.

The consequences of addition on the individual and society are harsh. Those who battle this disease must feel a loss of self-worth, the feeling that they are not enough or worthy. Addiction can become so intense that some may lose their families over it. When they are unable to perform their job duties, it can lead to them being fired and not having a way to provide for themselves or their family. All of these circumstances can make someone with drug issues or alcoholism spiral even further into destructive behavior. The consequences that addiction has on society are just as severe. When an alcoholic get s behind the wheel of a vehicle, he is putting everyone’s lives that he/she encounters as risk. So many people are killed needlessly each year because of drunk drivers. Because people become desperate to keep the “rush” from their high going, they become thieves when their money supply runs out, and start stealing in order have the money needed to purchase their fix.

The remedy is not going to be an easy solution. Addicts must want to heal. One way as a society we can start to change is by reaching the youngest generation. There are many topics that are hot-button issues that should not be discussed in schools today, but I believe drug addiction and alcoholism is one that must be addressed. If we can educate young children to the harsh reality and dangers that comes with addiction, we can prevent future problems associated with drug use and alcohol consumption. As for reaching adults, many may not even know where to find help. Small cities and towns do not have the resources larger urban cities have. We need more programs to support those who need services which could help them become clean and sober. FOR GOOD.