Drug Rehab 2022 Round 1 – Addiction Recovery: Only for the Rich

Name: James Pedersen, IV

Addiction Recovery: Only for the Rich

I am well aware of the consequences of addiction considering my Mother was in active addiction for most of my life. How would an upper class lady like my Mother an addict? The answer is, addiction is a pure evil disease that sucks the life out of its victims no matter who you are. Addiction is blind so it doesn’t matter if your a poor homeless person or in the top 1%. It’s all the same.

Addiction is a disease. It begins, many times, with a predisposition for addiction plus some kind of abuse. An addict uses a substance to self-medicate to stop feeling the pain. If you are not lucky enough to have resources there is little to no chance of recovering from this horrid disease.

If you are lucky enough to be financially secure there are many chances to recover. From rehab to medications, there is a lot out their for someone who can afford it. You will never be cured, but like diabetes, if you take care of yourself your chances of staying clean and sober are almost 90%. According to my Mother, the new medications come as close as you can come to finding a cure. If everyone had access, the amount of active drug addicts in the world would dwindled to nothing. This gives an addict their life back and their family, not only gets their life back, but their loved one back in a healthier than ever before.

My Mom is nine years clean and sober in August.