Drug Rehab 2022 Round 1 – Addiction Reasonings

Name: Pheonyx Simmons

Addiction Reasonings

The addiction crisis that is happening in our nation is a problem, there are too many depressed teens and adults, kids are starting to become depressed in the world. Any addiction that affects you in an unhealthy way is a major problem because it can make you more emotional, more angry, and rash in a way that scares others and can put others in a state of mind that gives them certain ideas that take their life and others. It is not good for our overall health for anyone, addiction or not, it is definitely not good for mental health, and our growing health is affected because as teens, adults, and even children can be affected by living in addiction caused by themselves and being around people that do those things. Addiction is no joke, there are many aspects to any addiction and making people aware of the negatives just makes the people that see the positives want to change those negatives.